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While recently listening to the most recent Ear Biscuits (Ep 166) episode that was posted to YouTube, I noticed Rhett and Link talking about a pitch they made to a TV Network with Stevie. They didn't elaborate anymore on what it was about or anything like that. But it makes me wonder. 

Could this be why we haven't heard any news on Buddy System Season 3? 

Maybe this will be another step for them to take into mainstream? Not that they want to or don't want to, but could be cool. Also, Rhett mentioned in a previous Ear Biscuit episode that he rarely watches anything that is not scripted, so maybe we will get a scripted show from the duo coming to a network? 


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Interesting thought. I'm not sure how much of the Buddy System IP is owned by YouTube (if any), since it's always been a YouTube Red show.

One thought I had was that the pitch might be to try and make GMM a cross-platform show, where it still appears on YouTube as normal but also airs on TV somehow. It would be a bit different than most daily shows, since it wouldn't be shot live, but R&L have always been about pushing the envelope as far as how content is delivered.

I'm not entirely excited about another R&L kreation being tied up in some TV network instead of completely under their control. But regardless, I hope for their sake that everything works out as they want.


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