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     It's October and the kommunity has been very vivid. Many Members of this online empire have been active, posting discussions, kreations and blog posts. But why? Even though they're doing it because they're fans of Rhett and Link,  other beasts and I think that they still deserve something for their loyalty. That's why I'm presenting to you, the Member Of The Month.

 This member has been communicating with other beasts and presenting good points and questions for us to answer. They have also been making kreations left and right. As well as getting featured on Rhett And Link's official Instagram!

The member of the month for October is...

Clara (Rabbi-Veni-Turducken-Ig)

(Specifics stated above)

How is Member Of The Month chosen?

KommChat users are asked in Private Chats who should be the member of the month, when they answer and give concrete reason as to why, the votes are matched with others and the member is chosen.


Kongrats, Clara!

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