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 Hi! To start off, I have never met Rhett and Link, (Though it's a dream of mine), but I think this can be a place where people tell their stories of meeting them. That way, others who might meet them know what to expect! 

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Hello! I'll start! I was lucky enough to get VIP tickets for their third show of the Tour of Mythicality in New York City. I specifically wanted to bring my little sister to see the show and meet them because they are such a big part of our lives and have connected us, two sisters with huge age gaps. (I'm 22 and she is 7). Our experience was absolutely amazing. They immediately nealed down and spoke to my sister, which was something that I am so thankful for because she was super nervous. Rhett and Link were amazingly kind to her and me, and speaking to them was like talking to an old friend, as they were so easy to talk to. I was super nervous and messed up what I wanted to say but they were extremely patient. I got a sense that they cared about my opinion, specifically asking what I thought about the show and how it relates to the book. I have never met people so humble and nice with such a following. If you get the chance to meet them, I would recommend it. 

I love hearing people's stories from the Tour of Mythicality. Thanks for sharing. :)

Hello. I'll go next. I also bought VIP tickets, but for the Portland show. I've been trying to get the opportunity to meet Rhett and Link since last year (I bought tickets to VidCon, but couldn't go and then they announced they weren't going anyway. Huge fail that year. On my part.). A lot of misses and then they announced the tour and I bought tickets the second they went on sale. I was at work telling people not to bother me for at least 5 minutes.

The show was amazing and I laughed so hard my jaw was hurting by the mid point. I was having a really bad week, so the fact that it ended with the show was the best thing.

I was about 7 in line for the meet and greet and to say I was nervous was an understatement. I was beyond nervous. I was forgetting everything I wanted to say. I was physically shaking. They had a pretty good system down, though, so it made it easier on everyone.

I had a bag of goodies for them (food goodies from around Oregon, but mostly from my town and surrounding area) and I gave it to them. Link was interested in where I am from and how far away it was. I wish I could have explained everything and told them specifics, but I knew there wasn't time. I told Rhett there was a piece of Myrtlewood for him which was made in Aloha, OR. I told them there was a letter outlining where everything came from.

I then thanked them for creating a show like GMM. I suffer from bipolar and anxiety and sometimes GMM is the only thing to make me smile. Even if I don't really feel like laughing, GMM always gives me a reason to. And I listen at work because sometimes on a stressful day, I need a GMM or Ear Biscuits break. I realized as I was talking that I was rambling and couldn't really stop and worried that I was making even less sense. Remember, I was really nervous. I then felt like this whole thing might be going sideways and decided to just stop talking. The entire time, neither said anything. They just listened. I remember the second Link's expression changed to total seriousness.

When I stopped talking, Link stepped forward and gave me a hug. Wow, then I really couldn't remember anything. Rhett followed suit with a hug. I told them I was turning 40 this year as well (Jan. 4th) and Link gave me a very enthusiastic high five. Rhett followed suit. I told them I wasn't looking forward this birthday and Link said, "Oh, it's not so bad. Just ask Rhett."

We got a picture and I asked for two photos. My best friend usually goes with me to these types of events and concerts (she wasn't there this time, I was alone, because YouTube isn't her thing) and when we attend a meet and greet she always says, "Get two pictures for security." Meaning, two photos in case one is blurry (as has happened to me). Without thinking, I said this and Link joked with me about that. I felt like a dork! But I laughed.

I thanked them for their time and told them I really enjoyed the show.

In hindsight, I should have prepared a little better and not talked so long. I realize I probably went over my allotted time (sorry about that). Whatever it was, I had a great experience. Great show. Very sweet guys. The fact that Link stepped forward first to offer a hug will remain in my memory always. Honestly, an experience I won't ever forget.


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