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this mythical beast of yours can be anything, but it cannot be the mythical beast that you are, create a different one, draw it, photoshop it, paint it, do anything, but give us a visual representation of it and an attribute which makes it mythical (like being so small that no one can see it)



take note that this mythical creature isn't mine, this mythical creature was made by gumbo, and it was this mythical creature that got me the idea of making this KBE, give all credit to gumbo for this mythical creature. this mythical (and mythically small ) creature is known as the Nan, this creature can only be seen through the latest and greatest in Nan magnification technology due to their extremely small size. known for their milk products, they are able to make the BEST Nan cheese sticks in the world, they even have a preservation society due to the Nan's being milked to death. SAVE THE NANS!! join the nan preservation society TODAY!!! http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/group/thenanpreservationsociety?com...

do try to not milk the Nans too much, or they won't be able to feed their children, and eventually the herd will die

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