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One thing that's been bothering ever since I saw the Maine Man video is one part where the lyrics aren't so clear. The part where it says "...The state animal is moose, the state mammal is moose, and the state girl of Maine is ____" If you could please fill in that blank for me, that would be wonderful.


P.S. - I'm from Maine and I saw a guy that was wearing the same rubber/plastic fishing overalls. That video was the first thing I thought of.

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The line is: "And the state girl of Maine is you!"
"And the state girl of Maine is yooouuuuuuu!"
Thanks for the help. My first thought on the lyrics was "...and the state girl of Maine is huge," but then I thought, do we even have a state girl, and there stemmed the confusion. Anyway, thanks again!
hahaha. huge. to each his own, I guess.
Thanks for clearing up the confusion. Our family has been debating about it =]
I could be mistaken, but I think it's, "...and the state girl of Maine is you..."

What part of Maine are you from? I've visited Cundy's Harbor before, close to Brunswick. It's beautiful up there.
Natively, I'm born and raised in South Berwick, which is directly on the border of Maine and New Hampshire. The majority of my family, though, lives up in the heart of Maine. Most of them reside in Buckfield. We visit them often enough that I can say I know what real Mainers live like.

On the other hand, my father is/was a New York Italian. He's lived all over NY, so coming up to Maine was one of the strangest experiences he ever had. He's used to it now, but I believe it took him awhile to adjust. So, I have a bit of New York influence in me, as well.



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