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hello to all my fellow mythical beasts,

The day is fast approaching, Link's birthday!

Sarah and I have really thought of something we can do to celebrate this special man's day, while also welcoming him to instagram . we are welcoming all that wish to send in artworks, edits, messages and videos in to the following hash tag #Mythicaly41. what we were thinking is that this will be a page that he can have there to look at when ever he wants.

we do ask that the entries are appropriate and just to help celebrate his Birthday.

if you have any questions regarding anything, please contact the joint email for Sarah an I (link.mythicaly41@gmail.com)

or through our twitter accounts @chefjess1234 and @mythicaliity.

lets join together and help celebrate Link's 41st!

thank you my friends

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Keep me update about it. My email nielly.pb@gmail.com

thank you for you reply, I will definitely keep you posted

Jessoca - - you will notice that the Kommunity home page now includes a promotional link to this discussion.  

Here is a link to last year's posting to give you an idea of what was done then.

Good luck to you and Sarah on this year's project.

Thank you very much for this. You support means alot

Keep me updated. My email theconradkatrinameow8@gmail.com

I will, thank you for taking interest in this with us


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