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UPDATE: The picture below is the one we are using for Link's birthday project! Gumbo's examples will be below the picture we will be using.

Instructions (as of 4/21/17): Please print it with the highest quality you can, in full color. If you are doing a picture inside, cut him out and attach to a Popsicle stick. If you're going to be outside, I suggest first gluing it to a piece of cardboard, then cutting him out, that way the picture is reinforced just in case there is wind.

You have 2 options:

Option 1 - Either make the picture have just Link (as per Gumbo's most recent example of Link in the office);

Option 2 - ...or you can be in the picture, holding up Link. Another suggestion for this option is, you can have a friend hold Link up in frame to make it look like he is next to you.

*It is up to you which of these options you would like to do! Be creative :)*

A birthday message: You are more than welcome to write a note for Link. since I'll be printing all your pictures at a print shop, your notes will have to be typed up so I can affix them to your page/spot in his book. :)

Thanks guys for being so awesome! BE YOUR MYTHICAL BEST & go get some great pictures for Link so we can show him how much he means to us! <3

(Again, thanks Gumbo for these 2 wonderful examples!)

*Original Post Below! :)*

Goooood Mythical Morning/Afternoon/Evening, wherever you may be! My name is Gabrielle and I'll be organizing Link's 39th birthday project. I want to thank you guys in advance for entrusting me with this endeavor!

Some wonderful Mythical Beasts you may very well already know - Jaymie, Maple Dash & Gumbo - came up with a wonderful idea for this year's gift. We'll be putting together a book (I'm thinking scrapbook-style) of pictures that you guys take... like the "Flat Stanley" project that many of us did in grade school. The pictures will need to have you in it, holding a cutout of Link (Gumbo posted a great picture that I think would work nicely, and hopefully by tomorrow or Tuesday we'll have settled on a picture).

Tips for the picture: Take it somewhere relevant or historical in your city. A building with a cool mural or even something like a marina would be great ideas as well. If you live in a more rural area, take the photo near something that is important to you, and something that is beautiful (think a beautiful field of flowers, a garden, a really old tree, etc). Most of all, think about what really represents where you live! What would you want to show to Link if he visited your city? What would he HAVE to see during his trip to your town?

The picture of Link should be printed, cutout very neatly, and perhaps glued to a piece of cardboard to make it sturdy so that the picture doesn't bend in the wind when you're out taking the picture. If you'd like, you could even glue it to a 'popsickle stick' type of thing. Make sure that you print the picture in color and with the best quality you can print it out in. We want the pictures of Link to be consistent throughout the book. I suggest gluing the picture to the cardboard *before* cutting around the picture of Link.

I'll be collecting all photos in an email address and printing them out at a local print shop. I'll also be designing the book and mailing it to Link. Jaymie and her son will also be creating a mousepad with Link's favorite things on it, and that'll be mailed with the book as well.

I've made an email address JUST FOR THIS PROJECT : linkneal39@yahoo.com



I'll be updating this thread as we finalize which picture to use, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on twitter @MythicalGabbie! Talk to you guys soon!

**Thank you so much to Jaymie, Maple Dash & Gumbo for their lovely ideas and for allowing me to do this year's birthday project!**

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Guys!!!! I just got even MORE excited!!!!!!! This is all going to come out so wonderfully!!!! AHHHH!

Can't wait to see the final results!!

I'm imagining it to be amazing! Since the beginning!

I saw your tweets. After seeing this now, would you still want participants to be in the pictures while holding the cutout of Link, or should that be optional?

I say optional. Whatever each person wants to do is good with me. If you can take a picture holding him on a pop sickle stick, and you like it, then we can use that. And if you want to do one like Gumbos, that's great too!
Tonight after my husband gets home and can help me with our son, I'll be able to sit at the desktop and properly update the discussion.

I'm going to read up on the copyright usage for the image and see if we can use it, just to be safe. I could use another pair of eyes, just in case I don't understand something. 

Okay cool, thank you! Let me know what you find. I think that since it's a "private" project (it's just going to Link, we're not selling it) we should be fine.

I could be wrong. But since it's just a gift wouldn't the copyright stuff not matter? It's almost the same as printing a picture of him and putting it on a school notebook

Here's what I'm looking at: 

The picture: http://www.gettyimages.com/license/630304168

Under "Details," it says the picture is an Editorial with a Rights-Managed license, which takes you to: "Getty Images Content License Agreement": http://www.gettyimages.com/eula


"What's a Release?": http://www.gettyimages.com/unreleased-imagery

"Customer Support": http://www.gettyimages.com/customer-support

"Website Terms" ("Use of the Site"): http://www.gettyimages.com/company/terms

After a lot of reading and trying to understand it, I want to say it'll be fine, but I'm just not sure since we're using a portion of the full picture. If it was the whole picture, we definitely couldn't use it without paying. If this won't work, we may have to use a screenshot from a GMM episode, which I think is Fair Use, but I'm now looking into that also.

I see what you're saying. This definitely won't be used for advertising or anything like that. It's just, we aren't the owners of the picture that will be used to make new pictures. Then, everyone's going to have their own cutouts of Link in their hands after the picture is made! I think I just worry about it now that I see more often how many people get in trouble on YouTube with copyright claims and all that. Before doing anything like this, I can't help but question it. Or I just think too much... 

I don't want us all to get into trouble for this one thing, if you can understand that. 

I'm the only organizer and I've actually been at university orientation all day and spent the evening with family.



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