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February 2, 2013 @ 10AM PST

LIVE chat with Rhett and Link here on the Kommunity!!

Premier Trailer by: Donna (PeachGeek)!


  • Here is the link to the entire script:


  • Here is the link to all of R&Ls Gutless Wonder readings:


  • Click HERE for the latest update on this project...
  • Cast of the Movie:

Gutless Wonders: The Movie
A Kommunity Kollaboration...

Script written by: Rhett and Link (age 14)
Directed by: Rachel (Nezulupantro)

Introduction/Scene 1: Alan Davidson
Scene 2: Amir (MegaMoose) and Brandon W. (TheGaurdianOfArlon)
Scene 3:Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Karrie (TheOriginalBookworm)
Scene 4:Solomon Triffit
Scene 5:Meals Xanthe (PirateElephant)
Scene 6:Maggie H. (JoffreyCat)
Scene 7: Ross (Rossmallow)
Scene 8:Ezra Elliot
Scene 9:Ben Wallace/Corfisto
Scene 10:Sir Chantry
Scene 11 (Written by Rizdub): Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Karrie (TheOriginalBookworm)
Scene 12: Maddie (Featherzorse)
Scene 13 (Written by: Anna (Hydropheonixsiren): Abby (TheAbominableUnixombie)
Smitty Scenes:Ratonbat (RatOnTheBat)
Credits Soundtrack: Ezra Elliot

Edited by: Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Ivette (Quadricorn)
Special thanks to: William (Hermonat) and Donna (PeachGeek)
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ALTERNATE ENDING!  don't wait on Rev becasue he is planning to film the script piece that has not yet been written.  If you have a script idea in mind go ahead and start now with your own take on it too . . .   and, if by some chance both versions get turned in on time just let the editors decide which will one make the "FINAL CUT" . . . if nothing else  it can make the Bloopers and Outtakes reel

Cool, I totally agree. Even if it doesn't go in it'll be fun filming it! But I do hope it will make it... Though I do plan on using the script that Hydraphoenixsiren is writing, she plans it to be finished by tomorrow so it's no problem. 

actually, the script is almost finished being written. i think it will be done by today. we are almost done! and 14 is the only scene left..all other scenes have been committed to! (HOORAY!)

I think we should only have 1 person filming a scene. i see it as a waste if someone goes to all of the work to film and edit, only to not have it make the final cut.

so, @Rev...let me know ASAP (tonight) if you are claiming this scene.

other wise, @Abby, it will be yours!


and also, to which ever one of you does not get scene 14, you will become an alternate in case someone doesnt turn in one of their scenes or drops out last minute.

Thanks!...and...may the odds be ever in one of your favor

Haha, love the hunger games reference. Hopefully, I can get it so I can actually start filming!

yes it would be good to know by tonight if Reverend is doing the scene..because you could definitely use this weekend to do some filming!f..that's why i am giving him until 8pm pst, 12am est to let me know. after that, the scene is yours!

Scene 14 is yours, Abby :) have fun filming!
The scene is due by December 15th

Awesome! I will definitely have fun. 

wow, i should come back and check on these more often, haha, it's all good though, i had no idea how or if i'd be able to do it anyways haha. so its a good thing other people jumped in on this. YAY ABBY! 

come on guys we are almost there! :D

yay!  I'm starting a new group:  Rachel is AWESOME!   

Haha ur so funny Donna XD
Yay! So excited!


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