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Submissions now closed!  

Thanks to everyone! I'll be going through all of the submissions today and I'll reply to emails sent (I may have to use another email address to send them out depending if the secret KBE causes a account lock again).

Come forth Mythical Beasts!

We are pulling together to gather messages/letters/fan art, to be bound in a professionally printed book to be sent to Rhett as a gift from the Kommunity for his birthday.

The Kommunity did a fantastic job in coming together in the same project for Link's birthday. Here you can see the finished book and Link's kind words about it:


  • Longer messages/letters are always better than just "happy birthday Rhett from me". So try to come up with something a bit more substantial.

  • Make sure to say who you are. Real name or online username is fine.

  • No fanfiction.

  • Messages sent in the email body are a lot easier for me to copy paste into the book template without the need for additional programs (office etc). So please try to add text in the email body instead as an attachment where possible.

  • Scan hand drawn artwork at the best dpi you can (300 dpi is what the book is printed at), this will stop any blurred images.

  • Cover art for the book will be completed once again by Georgia, whose art was used for the front of Link's book.

  • Remember the book is for RHETT, Don't put messages in for Link or ask Rhett to pass messages on. As Link said "It's nice to get something for your birthday that's just Link related"- we want that for Rhett too.

Little note as this happened with Link's gift: Please understand that Rhett and Link get a lot of mail, especially close to one of their birthdays. We are sending this as a gift from the Kommunity, please do not be offended or disappointed if you do not see Rhett mention it.

Email all submissions to our kommunity email:  rhettandlinkommunity@gmail.com
(Any submissions posted in this discussion thread will be deleted. Rhett still visits the forum now and again, we don't want him reading things in advance)

Deadline for submissions is Saturday 5th September 23:59 EST.

I personally attempt to reply to every submission to confirm I received it. If you have not had a reply from me within 24 hours of submission, please leave a message in this thread.
Also note there will be no PDF version published. The initial intention when completing Link's book was to publish the PDF version of the book for all Beasts to read. However due to the personal nature of some letters, it was decided it was best not to publish.

Finally... Don't forget to share with other Mythical Beasts. Be it twitter, tumblr or reddit..go nuts. Let's make this awesome!

Thanks all. Have fun!


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Submissions now closed!  

Thanks to everyone! I'll be going through all of the submissions today and I'll reply to emails sent (I may have to use another email address to send them out depending if the secret KBE causes a account lock again).

Whoopsy forgot to update that the book is on it's way to Mr McLaughlin :)

Well, I did not make the time cut off, however I am wishing Rhett a very very Happy Birthday, and many more! I'm happy he and Link met that faithful 1984 day, where he moved to, and thus the seed of Mythicality was planted, germinating and blossomed into what we dearly appreciate and enjoy so much. Daily! I cannot imagine my morning without you both, but Rhett especially as he seems to be the leader. A gifted musician, father, friend and comedian.

Thank you for making the world a better and far more enjoyable place! Internetainment, dont underestimate it! :-)


Just bit of info:

We've heard from Rhett that he's sorry about the delay of the book video. Good news is that he is still planning to make it, so stay tuned. 

Yay I cant wait! they are busy men! I love those dorks!

Rhett posted the video thanking for the book. Check out his blog post: http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/profiles/blogs/thanks-for-my-birthd...

I keep forgetting the email I use my name is listed as Lynn. He said it thou^,^ I hope one day he sees my stuff....

they need to flip that video thou! It bugs meeeeee!

It was cute thou

Are we doing another Link and Rhett one next year?

do any of y'all have the link to rhetts birthday book video that he posted im tryna find the date he posted it but i cant find it

haha nevermind carol posted the link lol



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