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I'll be the first to admit that I get a perverse kind of joy from when Rhett gives Link a jump-scare. I also like to catalog things. I thought we could turn these two things into a Kommunity building exercise. Every time we find a Link jump-scare in an episode, we post the episode title and the clip here.

Here's an example:

GMM #315 "The Ghost Pepper Challenge"

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GMM #87, two in one chop!

I don't think anyone's posted this one yet.

#542 - 5 Unexpected Deadly Things

This counts right? :)

GMM #759 - 5 Weird Ways To Start A Fire

The jump scare to beat all jump scares!

GMM #121: Adventures in Public Transportation

GMMore #825 - - Opening Christmas Gifts from the Kommunity!

Link attempts to extract some jump scare revenge.

Rhett is not fazed. Jen gets caught in the crossfire.

Surely these count, right? Is it scare or amazement?

bringin' this bACK

from GMMore # 872 - - - and the BIG JUMP begins at 12:50


This was great! Causing Link to smack his own self in the side of the head!

This is the best one yet! lol it even got me


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