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7/25/15 UPDATE:  Hey beasts!  Thanks so much for all your trivia ideas!  We've gathered plenty to help us meet our quota for the app we're developing.  But I'm gonna leave this discussion open so you can continue to add trivia questions, since it seems like it's a fun exercise.  (And who knows, maybe we'll need more trivia questions down the road.)  Thanks for all your contributions!  - Link

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Hey Beasts!

We thought this would be a fun K.B.E. Annnd you'll be helping us with an exciting new project in the process.  We’re developing the official Rhett&Link Trivia App--it's gonna be fun and game-ified!  You'll be able to quantify your knowledge of us and our videos...and  your level of mythical beastliness!  

But one of the things we need to do is write the trivia questions....So we thought it’d be fun to open it up for you to help us brainstorm those (as well as the associated multiple choice answers).  

Post trivia questions below along with 4 multiple choice answers!

They can be related to any of our videos or stuff we've shared on GMM or Ear Biscuits.  All questions shouldn't be suuuper difficult, but some can be!  

Also- you might have suggestions to reword questions to make the answers more fun.  For example, here's a question:

"What's the name of Link's youngest child?"A.  Larry  B. Cindy C. Lando or D. Shepherd

but it's a much more fun question if you ask it this way:

Link's youngest child is named after what super awesome movie character? A.  Gandalf Stormcrow B. Lando Calrissian C.  John McLean or D. Katniss Everdeen

See?  You can suggest questions, and also make suggested questions better.  No wrong answers here (well, most answers are wrong but you know what I mean)!  Have fun!

- R&L


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Where did Rhett and Link order food with the "Fast Food Folk Song"?

A. Burger King

B. Taco Bell

C. McDonald's

D. Jack in the Box

Answer: b  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uwY3sjqYX0

Whose group did Rhett and Link join to sneak onto the Grammy red carpet in 2007?

A. The Avett Brothers

B. Pentatonix

C. Jonathan Jayne and Kenneth Briggs

D. Lady Antebellum

Answer: c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRguXEuyvoc&index=14&list=P...

Fill in the lyrics: "We're going to eat you like we ate your neighbor, Nathan! He tasted like _______, ________, and _________."

A. Waffles, gummy bears, and turkey bacon

B. Pancakes, sausage, and rotten bacon

C. Butter, sour cream, and baked potatoes

D. Broccoli, brussel sprouts, and asparagus

Answer: A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBYU-6wHufQ 

Why did Rhett call 911 in "Rub Some Bacon on it"?

A. He burnt himself on the griddle

B. He got hit in the eye by a surfboard

C. He nailed his finger to a bird house

D. A squirrel got into his kitchen

Answer: c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSReSGe200A

On the Mythical Road Trip, Rhett and Link celebrated crossing each state border by:

A: Stopping for ice cream

B: Dancing across the state line

C. Blowing their truck horn long and loud

D. Having a mini supernote contest 

Answer: B https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIZTVzx_K60

I'm not sure how mythically beastly these questions should get, but as they're willing to say this stuff on the internet, I'm guessing it's fair to use... I found it amusing anyway!

In their first year of marriage, what object did the mythical Christy throw at Link during an argument that resulted in an indentation in the sheet rock (when she missed his head)?

a) a dirty running shoe that also left bad smelling mud on the wall

b) an old phone that left its shape, which neither of them bothered to fix

c) a tamagotchi that subsequently 'passed'

d) Link's favorite framed picture of Rhett

[ Answer: b ] Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPuSYz_EfJ4

What´s Link´s favorite tipe of milk?

A- Zebra

B- Cow

C- Donkey

D- Goat

What do Rhett and Link call there fans?

A.) Mythicalteers

B.)Mythical beasts

C.)Rhett and Linkers

D.) Mythical monsters

Q: What did Rhett and Link have to do for writing profanities on their desks?

A) Write lines
B) Colour in unicorns
C) Run laps
D) Clean the desks

Answer is B.

Question: What was the super duper amazingly tasting milk/cereal from the 'will it cereal' video?
A. Goldfish
B. Salad
C. M&M
D. Skittle

Bonus Question: in Good Mythical More what milk did they think was good too?
A. War Head
B. Gum Drop
C. Banana Chips

Now kids, it's not salad, it's cereal!
Boy: ok mommy!

Why do they call Rhett 'Flipper'

A) He won a pair flippers at school
B) He loves dolphins
C) He can do lots of flips
D) He won Flip Warz

D is the answer : https://youtu.be/3WAi9KP6-3k?t=162

What was the first ever video on Rhett and Links main channel?

A) The Lake
B) The Dam
C) This is us
B) Into to Rhett and Link

(Answer is B: The Dam)

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Trivia q's:

Which food does link hate? A. Tomatoes B. Mayo C. Hot dogs D. Oranges

BTW: If you can will you please make this available on android?! I recently became an android user, and I'm so sad because I can find any of your new songs, or you speech jammer app ( I got another one but with sadness cuz it wasn't yours). Thx!

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Rhett and Link Trivia Questions:

What´s Link´s favorite type of Milk?

Where did Rhett and Link grow up?

In what grade did Rhett and Link meet each other?

When did Rhett and Link post their first video on the Rhett and Link channel?

A) August 23rd 2007

B) July 24th 2006

C) May 6 2006

D) September 9th 2005


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