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**UPDATE** You all really came through by commenting with some really great questions.  Thanks so much for being your mythical best.  

**UPDATE** Let's extend the deadline to this Friday night.  THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR BEASTLY CONTRIBUTIONS!  HAVE FUN!! **

Hey Mythical Beasts!

We'd like your help in creating questions for a brand new trivia pack for our Trivy App.  Back in July, you all answered our call and developed some fantastic questions for our first Trivy pack, which dedicated to general knowledge related to us and the content we've created.  Will you help us again?  I smell another fun Kommunity Building Exercise :)

Our idea for this brand new Trivy Pack is to make it all about GMM episode trivia—so, interesting information/facts presented in GMM.  The pack will be a fun "test your knowledge" to see how well Mythical Beasts were paying attention to the information we presented. We’re thinking we’ll probably focus on Season 7 and 8; and we’ll need at least 250 questions…

Sidenote:  We are also working up an digital prize that is unlocked when players complete the Trivy pack.  So that should be fun!  Shhhh it's a secret.

So, in the comments on this thread, please write your suggested trivia questions (sourced from GMM Seasons 7 and 8).  Focus on memorable/interesting tidbits.  If possible, include not only the correct answer, but also 3 other false answers for the multiple choices. *Note* Each multiple choice answer should be short so that it fits within the app!

DEADLINE:  Unfortunately, we're under a tight deadline...please submit your ideas by next Wednesday night, FEB 10th. 

The Kmods will be helping us gather and format your questions so that we can load the ones we select into the app.  

Thanks so much- you are truly being your mythical best!  

Most of all - have fun with it! - R&L

Here’s a few examples of the flavor of questions we’re looking for:

1- Who committed around 1000 burglaries while living 27 years in isolation in Maine?

The North Pond Hermit + 3 false answers

2-Countess Amanda Fielding drilled a hole in her own skull, which is a process known as what?

Trepanning + 3 false answers

3. At work, there are 200 times more bacteria on your ____ than on your toilet seat."

Keyboard + 3 false answers

4. In 2009, the University of Texas reported that 100 jars of WHAT went missing?

Brains + 3 false answers

5.  Jeff Ingram, suffering from dissociative fugue, was found behind a dumpster in Denver and had no clue who he was. What name did he go by on local news?

Al + 3 false answers

6.  Which of the following is NOT a real dating site?

A. repotted.com

B. bikerkiss.com

C. vampersonals.com

D. match.com


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The serial killer Henry Howard Holmes's original name was ______?

A) Holden Benjamin Huffman

B) Gavin Dilbert Cushion

C) Herman Webster Mudgett

D) Henry Harry Haughty

Answer - C (GMM 788)

ATMs have bacteria on their buttons that can cause _____

A) Herpes Simplex Type 2

B) Diarrhea

C) Amnesia

D) Warts

Answer - B (GMM 742)

Queen Joanna of Castile's husband died and she was very upset. She would _____

A) Chop off a body part everyday

B) Kiss his body and caress it

C) Eventually marry his twin

D) Make him a decoration for the palace

Answer - B (GMM 667)

A man once lived in the forest for ______ for no reason

A) 10 years

B) 19 years

C) 24 years

D) 27 years

Answer - D (GMM 733)

A guy named David Icke believes that the world is controlled by ______

A) Alien lizard-human hybrids

B) Martian bat-dolphins

C) Giant ants

D) The Illuminati

Answer - A (GMM 743)

Here's one (as Stevie puts it) "Just for Funzies!" -

You know what time it is! What time is it?

A) Time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

B) Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time

C) FaceTime with Rhett & Link

D) All of the above (you wish)

Answer - A or D (it depends... mainly it can be any answer)

I think I'm out of questions. I'm sure I've repeated a few questions but oh well.

Which of these foods did they not include in the Baby food taste test?

A- Steak & crab

B- Chicken enchilada

C- Egg custard

D- Spaghetti & cheese

Answer: C

GMM #751

**Sorry if any were repeated (Like other Mythical Beasts got them before me.) Also, hope I'm not too late:

1) "Mistletoe" is a___________word which MEANS "Dung on a Twig":

a) Germanic

b) Italian

c) Greek

d) Elvish (Elves Language)

Answer: a) Germanic

(Season 8, Episode 827: 7 Weirdest Christmas Facts)

2) What is "The Spanish donkey?"

a) Species of donkeys breaded in Spain 

b) A game

c) A car brand

d) A torture method

Answer: d) A torture method

(Season 8, Episode 822: Insane Medieval Torture Methods (GAME))

3) How much was the 67 year old skull that Nicholas Cage bought?

a) $2 billion

b) $543,000

c) $276,000

d) $126,700

Answer: c) $276,000

(Season 8, Episode 812: Ridiculously Expensive Celebrity Purchases (GAME))

4) Why is baking soda considered a 'deodorant'?

a) It has a good smell

b) It prevents sweat because it closes the skin pores

c) It changes the pH of the Fatty Acids released by the sweat 'confusing' the bacteria causing the bad odor

d) It isn't considered a deodorant/Reason unknown

Answer: c) It changes the pH of the Fatty Acids released by the sweat 'confusing' the bacteria causing the bad odor

(Season 8, Episode 816: Weird Deodorants Experiment)

5) What's "The 8th wonder challenge"?

a) A challenge between countries to point out which monument deserve to be from the wonders of the world

b) A Marathon held in India

c) A competition in which the one who comes in the 8th position is the winner

d) Eating 105 pounds cheese burger

Answer: d) Eating 105 pounds cheese burger

(Season 8, Episode 802: 8 Most Ridiculous Eating Challenges)

6) Why did a person who was on a 'sick leave' because of 'work induced stress' and who was working with kids for living got fired?

a) He kidnapped children

b) He was on a vacation where he saved kids from a shark

c) He stole the kids' sweets and sandwiches 

d) He took a picture with a celebrity during work hours

Answer: b) He was on a vacation where he saved kids from a shark

(Season 8, Episode 823: Dumbest Reasons Why People Were Fired)


Yours made it in time! :)

Yay :) Thanks :D

What was Link and Christy's song that Link referenced to one Valentines Day?

A. Stuck On You - Elvis Presley 

B. Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland

C. Stuck On You - Lionel Richie

D. Stuck in the Middle With You - Stealers Wheel

(Not from Season 7 or 8, in fact, this is from Episode 26, Our Romantic Exploits,  but I thought this would be a fun thing for Trivy players to answer.)

Something that IS from Season 8, however, can be this question:

What was the first Let's Play that Rhett and Link did in Good Mythical More?

A. Surgeon Simulator

B. I Am Bread

C. Octodad- Dadliest Catch

D. Muscle March 

So it's done now? No more questions and we wait?

Yup, that's it! Link and the Trivy team will now be taking the trivia and working on the Trivy pack. Thank you for all your submissions!

Yep!  Thanks SOO much to all of you for your creative contributions.  Hope you had fun!!


Yeah it was so much fun! And it made me re watch some GMM (and watched some for the first time too)

That was fun, Link! :D

The new GMM Trivy pack has just been released! Check it out if you have the Trivy app on your iPhone! :)


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