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I've had these kicking around in my head for a bit and thought they would be funny and or interesting.

What about a video about the differences in culture between northern, or southern parts, of united states or along the lines of that. For example there's so many differences on how people talk, such as the stereotypical southern accent or that people in the north are kinda seperated from people (I don't where that one came from)

another idea I had was a video about the emotions a die hard fans goes through when their favorite Sports team loses, I know that feeling you kinda just want to forget about how they did this or that wrong but you can't. My dad is a good example of this, he's always coaching the team thru the TV and I know alot of people do this, so I thought it would appropriate with Football coming back again. You could also do it the exact opposite if you feel the need to.

Anyways those are my ideas, if you actually read through them all I commend you. Maybe you can have some sort of award or.....some...granola? I'm not sure.

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That reminds me of my moms family, her cousins who live down south say "Fixin' Ta" like fixing to but just a tad different. I love how even if you go to the next city or state even there will be differences in culture.

Beth Roth said:
Yeah, I like the idea of a video about differences in accents and speech and culture. Or maybe it would work for a Kast sometime?

Something I find really interesting along these same lines is the different phrases or sayings people use in different parts of the country. For instance, until I moved to NC I had never heard the phrases "might could" or "might would" or "might should"...as in "If my ISP would cooperate this morning I might could post on the Kommunity."

My husband's family uses a phrase that I've not heard anywhere else, although they don't think it's something they made up. They say "I hope to shout!" meaning something like "You'd better believe it!" For example, if I said to my sister-in-law "Kathy, will you watch the World Series if the Cardinals make it?" she would say "I hope to shout!"
It's not Minnesota. It's MinnesOOta. :)

BananaAnna2008 (Anna Pitts) said:
heh heh, Stereotypical accents around the entire country would be an interesting topic to cover. For example, Minnesotans apparently elongate the "O" sound when talking and it supposedly gets worse the further north you get. lol I haven't noticed myself but that might have something to do with the fact that I live in Minnesota. ha ha
Both great ideas. I'm definitely for the crazed sports fan video. And the accent/idioms video to include Canada, eh.... I wonder why they didn't already do something like that during the Great American Road trip.....?


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