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Hi. Some of you may remember me as MythicalTurkey. I don't remember if I used the forums a lot but I was definitely in the chat a lot, like every day for years. I was getting a bit nostalgic and was wondering if though a lot of the old chat regulars are gone, if there is still an active community on the forums or if it's really just spotty with random people coming in? But mostly this is an excuse to say hi to you all again since it's been a while.

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The activity here has been in a slow decline since Rhett and Link stopped regularly using the site around early 2011. Since then, they've promoted it less and less, especially after they officially transitioned it to being a 100% fan-run site in 2015. The rate of newcomers has slowed, and most of them do not stick around for long.

However, there is still a core group of people here who always stick around, so we're happy to have you or whomever else comes through. Welcome back!

Actually, you were MYTHICAL TURKEY WARRIOR back in the day.


Good to see you guys still kicking about :D and yeah, i forgot about the warrior part of my name, I'm transitioning over to the username TurkeyGami on most things though :P


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