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A huge question....... Is the Rhett and Link Kommunity Dead?

Don't get me wrong before you start criticising me, I love Rhett and Link. I follow them across the internet with everything they do but over the past few months, there's not been a lot happening on this site. It just seems like it's still here because nobody can be bothered deleting the site.

What's everyone's opinions on this? What could we do to revive this place and get new member too?

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The RhettandLinKommunity was founded in 2009, back when dedicated forums for certain topics were more common. Now, with the popularity of things like Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, many people have migrated over to those platforms exclusively.

The Kommunity has active Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts to bridge the gap between those people, so those are all good places to get a little more action. In addition, the Kommunity still has a core group of members that enjoy being here and organize events like group birthday presents for Rhett and Link each year. This main site isn't as bustling as it was in its heyday, but it still serves a purpose and positively impacts the R&L fanbase.

^^^ what he said ^^^


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