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Hi, everyone! My name's Parker. I'm genderqueer :-)  I use they or he pronouns.

For example:

They are over there.

That bag belongs to them.

Their favorite color is blue.

They like themself.

He is over there.

That bag belongs to him.

His favorite color is blue.

He likes himself.

If any of you are trans or nonbinary, you can add me! I love talking to other people in the community :)

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Hey Parker, it's rad to meet you! And Welkomm to the Kommunity! c:

I'm a trans guy and my pronouns are he/himself uvu/

•<• wOa i learn somethin new everyday. Im Nonbinary! Genderfulid so, well pronouns are different at times :v

It's cool to meet fellow trans/nb people in the kommunity :D

Hello Parker! I'm genderflux and land anywhere between male and agender on any given day. I want to use they/he pronouns but am not out to my parents yet.

ahh!! I wish you luck and I hope that if you do come out to them, that they're supportive :)

im m-f trans but atm i have asepted im a guy oneday in my future i hope to be the woman i am only time will tell want to watch my sone grow up first and need to sort my life out

just be who you are and do what makes you comfortable <3

Hi! I'm nonbinary/genderfluid. They/them or she/her mostly (I guess depending on how I feel, I think of myself using he/him some of the time too... but because of how I look, I just use she/her with most people... People I'm out to try to use they/them for me)

I'm transgender (ftm)


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