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Hello Mythical Beasts! I am Camille and I really need your help!

I am taking a class on virtual communities and social media. We have a final paper due in 5 weeks about a virtual community we will be exploring and I obviously wanted to choose this lovely Kommunity. 

I would really appreciate it if you all could take a moment out of your day to take this assessment/quiz/survey I have created on Google Forms.

Here is the link: TA-DA!

Thanks in advance!

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Done for me, good luck for your paper !

Thanks so much Matt! Really appreciate it :)


Thank you, did you find the quiz easy to navigate?

oh yes, and fun!

Done the quiz! I hope this will help. I wish you great luck!

It definitely WILL help Chloe. Thanks for wishing me luck :)

Finished!  Us Camilles have to look out for one another! ;)

OMG. Thanks so much Camille ;D


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