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Hey guys, I'm writing something about the most awesome meeting of detectives through out fictional mysteries. It going to include characters like Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, The Hardy Boys, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, Father Brown, Commissioner Gordon, and Charlie Chan. The main character is Encyclopedia Brown his parents have just been killed and he is traveling with his mentor Sherlock Holmes to Gotham City to swap theories with other detectives when a bomb goes off killing Holmes and injuring some of the other detectives. And what I need here is an opening paragraph so please reply with your ideas, please I need help with this!

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Hello, my name is Encyclopedia Brown. You killed my Mother and Father.  Prepare to die.

hahaha yesss

I would open with the bomb going off, but that's probably just me...I only ever write action scenes.

ha -- just saw this!  How did it turn out?  Here's a try:

For once, the encyclopedias upon which he'd staked his investigative reputation had failed him.  From A-Z, including that weird double volume of S, and the single thin one containing U-V, there would be no answers to this mystery.  He'd called in UberBrain Viki, but she was, as always, chatting it up with the more seasoned "researchers" who sought her expertise, and she'd refused to make time for him.  He sighed.  He knew what he needed to do.  So he took out his phone.  And dialed. 

Thanks for replying, I had almost let the project die. But now I think I'll give it another shot



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