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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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I think I first heard about Good Mythical Morning on VSauce, but I'm not sure, since I heard about that on many youtubers channels, like Nerdy Nummies.

However, one day this year, a few months ago, I didn't know what I should watch while working (working at home, and I just need those "background noises"), and then I thought, since I already suscribed to them to not forget about them, let's give it a try.
And I was instantly hooked, started watching GMM from episode 1 onward and now I have the problem, that I watched all of their Videos already, not only GMM, all the other channels as well.

The first time I saw them was on a friend's Facebook post which was the bellybutton song. It was so weird and funny, and once my sister found out about GMM, well, we've been hooked ever since!!!

I think that I misspelled something on the youtube and accidently hit their channel. The week before this last season ended is when I started watching. 

I saw them in a "Youtubers React" video, and I didn't know who they were, so I checked them out, and I've been hooked ever since. :)

A friend of mine showed me "Will It Smoothie" and I thought it was hilarious watching Link chow down on buffalo balls. I didn't pick up the show yet though, until he showed me more episodes, and then I started binge watching them

2006 I got a link from my friend to a "unibrow song" by "some idiots from the internet". That's how I found them. It's whole other story of how I lost them for about seven years after 2008. It's been great to rediscover Rhett and Link. So much laughter. 

just scrolling through youtube XD

Used to watch Rhett and Link videos, probably around 2008-2011-ish. A few years later started watching GMM everyday and it's been part of my daily routine ever since.

My friend recommended it and, although i don't usually take recommendations for YouTube, the name was so intriguing i had to check it out, and I've been hooked ever since.

Through YouTube

i found them September 21 2014 at 3:00 watching 8 crazy ways to open a bottle and i thought they were funny so i kept watching now its part of my daily routine

My bf it's a huge gmm fan and he showed the show to me and i became a Mythical Beast as fast as lightspeed. Now we watch the show every morning and enjoy the music everytime we cook together. Thanks Rhett, Thanks Link, for amazing moments!



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