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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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I discovered Rhett and Link when Daniel Radcliffe came out to do the show. I did not subscribe turns out I have seen them in a Julian Smith video which I recently discovered that they were in. And that was in 2010. I later found an air biscuit with Olan Rogers in it period and still did not subscribe. Then this year 2018 I subscribed after watching only a few episodes and laughing so much.. Then I went unsubscribed and I have been binge-watching ever since they went on vacation before Good Mythical summer. I have suffered from depression most of my life and this has helped my daily life. So I've been kicking myself in the butt for not subscribing sooner, but I guess I'm here now and here to stay.

I just started watching. I saw an episode of Hot Ones with them being interviewed and loved their personalities. I’ve started watching GMM from season 1.

I'm in the throws of a GMM marathon myself.  You'll love it.

Good for you! Let's just say ur in for a wild ride! Have fun!!!:)

I found Rhett and Link just recently this month roaming around on YouTube. I really wish I would have found them sooner, my depression gets me down sometimes and they help make me smile and laugh when I don't even feel like smiling or laughing. I have started binge watching all of their videos, I have made them apart of my daily routine. Although I haven't been here long... I'll be here till the end. I thank them for their existence and their channel ♡

A co-worker introduced me to GMM a couple of months ago.  Now, I'm completely hooked.

I know where their studio is...in some of the earlier videos they show where it is.

I found them by watching another Youtuber called Brian Hull and he talked about being a fan of Good Mythical Morning and Rhett and Link, so I thought to myself if he likes it maybe I will like it too. I watched a few off their videos and I was hooked and now I'm proud to call myself a Mythical Beast!

Belly Button Video, then the Bacon, and then the show and then before I knew it I had binged watched every season up to 2015 or so and have been a faithful Mythical Beast ever since. 


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