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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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This is such a cool story!
I’ve been a mythical beast since day one of their career. It’s amazing how two amazing people can have such an impact on our lives! ❤️

i was just browsing youtube i saw one of their vids and i watched it (dont remember the exact vid) and i thought they were funny so i watched some more videos and i was hooked. Then i looked at the ammount of subs they had and i thought oooooooohhhh thats why the ate the bull testicle. 

This is a tricky question.  Back in 2010 my wife and I discovered Rhett & Link as the "Fabulous Bentley Brothers" in Phil Vischer's "What's in the Bible?" series.  We wouldn't know them as anything else until my sister made us watch their Ghost Pepper Challenge back in 2014.  Then she made us watch some of the Will It episodes.  We've been hooked ever since.  So are our two kids.  They're part of our daily routine.  

I found Rhett and link during the time when I really needed a laugh and keep myself entertained. I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage one and I had to get a double mastectomy and then chemotherapy. I was browsing YouTube and found one of there music videos and then I found good mythical morning. And ever since then I haven’t stopped watching it has helped me so much.
my best friend showed me the episode with Daniel Radcliffe, then I forgot all about the show. Some time later, I stumbled across Will It Dumpling, then binge watched episodes for a large chunk of a Saturday. I have an anxiety disorder, and it helps to know that I always have GMM to turn to when I feel anxious.
I broke my leg and tore my ACL in March of this year (2017), and was laid up for quite awhile. If it wasn't for Rhett and Link, whom I discovered after my mishap, I would have probably went crazy. Thanks y'all!!!

I found out about them in October 2015, when I saw them in the Epic Rap Battle of History "Artists vs. TNMT". Smosh's appearance led me to that video and then I thought "who are these other two guys?" That was right in the middle of Sketchtober, and those videos got me hooked (specially "BFFs"). After that I found out about GMM, and I've been a Mythical Beast since.

I can't exactly recall when I first watched GMM, but the first episode I ever saw was the one about Furbys. Then a few years ago, a new co-worker and I were talking about YouTube. Her son watched a lot of YouTube regulars and we were comparing notes. She asked, "Do you watch Good Mythical Morning?" I said I did sometimes, but wasn't a regular watcher. That sort of logged into my brain and I went home that day and watched an episode and it snowballed from there. From that point on, I was a Mythical Beast.

A long time ago in the early-ish wilderness of YouTube I'd stumbled on their videos. I'd been involved in the LG15 Community at the time, and as that went away I fell away from YouTube. Periodically I would see something like the Butt Drugs or Red House turn up on funniest commercial compilation TV shows and say "oh yeah, I should look them up again..." But Truly what brought me here now was stumbling on Good Mythical Morning. It's been a rough year here and GMM (And the related shows) have helped my family be it's mythical best. My 5 year old loves watching too, and any video where there is a game or points awarded, apparently I get Rhett's points and she gets Link's.

I found Rhett and Link in 2013 with the get off your phone video and I been a fan ever since 

I found Rhett and Link "Good Mythical Morning" when Linkin Park was on. My Youtube suggested it to me and I first watched it only for Linkin Park... but then I was like "Hey these guys are funny" and started checking out their channel... now I watch it everyday!!!

I first found Rhett and link years ago when there song rub some bacon on it came out. one of my close friends introduced me to the mythical song that shaped my life however I lost them for a bit when the stress of life started to hit.  luckily for me though I met my amazing fiance who brought me back into the amazing world of being a mythical beast.  



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