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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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I found them on October 16, 2014, when my brother send me the "Will it Deep Fry?" video link

I found GMM when my brother sent me the link to the "Will it Deep Fry?" video

I found Rhett and Link when they released Tshirt war 2! I saw the MisteryGuitarMan McDonalds video and then yours... i wub it! Thanks for all the videos!

Caution: This is a long one

I found them as the Bentley Brothers in Phil Vischer's "What's in the Bible?". At first, I though they really were brothers. Then I read comments from YouTube saying, "Is Rhett and Link?", "That's Rhett and Link?!" and the classic, "OMG, it's Rhett and Link!". I've also watched other YouTubers who were Mythical Beasts mention them. I had a peek at their main channel but never had the luxury of time to watch any of their videos. Then I found an interesting GMM episode (13 Unbelievable Phobias and I found it on September 14). Laughed so hard at Rhett's face when he didn't get that Danish! Sorry, Rhett! :D Since then, I was hooked! Never regretted finding GMM. But I regretted not check out their videos in the past. I now look back and say to myself, "Look how much of my life I have missed!" :)

I found Rhett and Link through the YouTubes with my podcast co-host. I've only been watching for about a year now, but watching Good Mythical Morning has become quite a big part of my daily routine. Big big fan.

there weird body mods video

I was with my friend  and he showed me an awesome video. Then, i didn't realize that it was done by Rhett and Link.  I never thought about it until 2 years later when I watched a good mythical morning episode and I watched it everyday ever since. I went through some Rhett and Link videos and I found the first video I saw of them and then I realized that I had seen them 2 years previous.

I found out about Rhett and Link from watching "Commercial Kings" one time on TV.

I was actually looking for rap battles videos a couple of months ago and stumble with geek versus nerd... And I loved it, subscribed to their channel and just fell in love. Now I'm just trying to catch up with GMM, I have to say watch the episodes backwards it's super funny.

I Found Good Mythical Morning when "2 guys and 600 pillows" got viral on youtube. I downloaded the song and listened to it  every day for one year.  Back then i did not know the amazing world of GMM. But as fast as I found the channel, I couldn't stop watching. Just like every other Mythical Beasts here. 
I've never met a person that knows about Rhett and Link. NEVER. And i hope to finally find me some Swedish Mythical Beasts here. 

I found them recently. I had seen them on Youtubers React but had never watched them. I came home one day from work and my boyfriend was at his laptop watching one of their good mythical morning episodes. I think the one where they were eating peppers. I sat down with him and couldn't stop laughing. We watched them for the rest of the day and just about every day after i have spent time watching them. I'm starting from the beginning so I have a lot to go but it makes my day :) 

I was looking around and I saw the 2 guys 600 pillows music video and fell in love! I couldn't stop watching them! I showed my friend and they also can't stop watching! They are always gonna be my favorite YouTubers ever!!!!!!!!!! :)



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