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Share your story of how they made you achieve something, or made you better! :)

It was about July last year when I became a MB.

There's also this very test called TOEIC where there's a listening and reading test.

By that time, my English listening wasn't that great and I only had one month to prepare for that test.

So I watched all the previous GMM episodes, as many as I could....

Then the test came... and ended.

The results I got actually made me satisfied. 875/990!!!

And I got a perfect score on the listening test. JUST CRAZY :D

I wasn't trying to boast, all the credit should go to GMM.

Anyways, GMM actually gave me a better life, now I do feel like a better person.

It doesn't matter if other people have no interest in R&L (cause unfortunately they don't have interest in R&L in Taiwan), just be yourself!

If you are really that kind of person in your country. You are the unique one, definitely in a good way.

And if there are lots of MBs in your country and you actually know some of them, it's also great! Because people who share the same interest are most likely to be friends.

Now it's your turn if you have some stories to be told! :)

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After watching GMM, I felt more confident about myself and it made me embrace my awkwardness around people. It also taught me that being funny is completely alright. Moreover, I also get to learn new things while watching their show and it makes me socially aware. Rhett & Link never fail to bring a smile to my face everytime I watch their videos. To me, they're my escape from stress :)


I just told my friend about what I learnt about mistletoes and she was surprised cause it was named after "dung on a tree"

I finally can be a fan of something that's current and that has an international fanbase. I found I have a lot in common and could carry on a conversation with complete strangers thanks to RandL! I wonder how the first Mythical baby is doing?
When I discovered Rhett and Link's stuff, it was at a time in my life that I felt really good about things and about who I was as a person. The next year, everything went down the drain (for unrelated reasons) and I ended up in a terrible place. Coming out of that over the past year or so, I found all their stuff again, and all of it was so positive, and reminded me of how I had felt before hand: creative and involved and bright and hopeful and just generally like I was enjoying life. None of those feelings were things I had felt for a while, and the support I saw really helped me heal.

I guess I just feel really thankful to them for everything they stand for and strive to do. I wouldn't feel half as healthy as I do now without it. :)


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