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Hi Everyone,

I have a holiday idea I rally want to do for Rhett and Link, I feel like they've given us so much more dis year wif teh book and teh tour that I want us to give something back. So my idea....

A fan video of us singing a mash-up of a Christmas carol and a Rhett and Link song. Every fan would sing a line and we would edit it together to make one video. While you're recording you'reself singing you're line/words (depending on how many want to take part) you could be holding you're pet or a jar of marmite/vegemite or peanut butter or a fake beard. Teh idea is to make them laugh they way they make us laugh. 

So far we need to pick songs and I need a volunteer to edit and a list of who would like to be in it.

Song wise we need a Christmas carol everyone nos and a r&l instrumental song off SoundCloud as we have to watch copyright issues and we don't want to upset anyone. Please find teh link here


We also have to work quickly we are already in December. 

So comment away people, let's get dis started.

Thanks in advance for all you're halp and support wif dis project.

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Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry I haven't been around much the last few days I've had some rough news about my health and I've also been caught up editing my youtube show so I think I need a partner in this. Anyone up for the task???


Sorry to hear about your health... I understand. Someone I know was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last week. :p

It depends what you are expecting us to edit... I only have Window Movie Maker 10. I could edit clips together and get a karaoke version of the song in the background of the video. I'm just wondering how the videos would get to me, how I would use everyone and lastly how we get it to Rhett and Link? But I would be interesting in the editing. ☺

Hi Er Dev,

I know its so close not sure we can pull it off in time but we could give it a go, The song well I thought Rhett and links version of Merry Christmas mythical beasts. Videos could be sent to you by a transfer app called "we transfer"it's free for everyone to sign up and you would just need an email address to give to everyone to send to you and for you to then login and download them to your computer. I'd really like ppl to record with something that reminds them of Rhett and Link, a pet, a jar of peanut butter, their book, or some merch. anything really but the funnier the better. we can allocate a few lines to everyone and then you can just cut and edit the bit you think goes best for that line. What do you think?

Wait what song is that? Or is it just a parody were writing?

lol, sorry, my bad its called Happy new year to you song. Its on the Rhett and Link Channel under Holiday Rhett & Link playlist 7 of 9!

The lyrics are

Happy New Year Kommunity

Where would we be without thee?

We'd probably be here,

Doing what we do, just without you

Happy New Year Mythical Beasts

Best Wishes to thee

(Rhett talking) I like using old English in songs, we should do it more often

(Link talking) Thou shalt do it

Happy New Year Mythical Beasts

Best Wishes to thee Mythical Beasts

Mythical Beasts

Mythical Beasts

Mythical Beasts

Mythical Beasts, that's you

Mythical Beasts

Mythical Beasts (to Fade)

I'm sure we can change some words to fit Rhett & Links name in and obviously, we can go as long as we need to with one person singing Mythical beasts so everyone is fitted in.

What do you think?

Also as its Happy New year, we can give it them for when they come back in January instead which gives us more time to put it together and even add more people and I really want people to do the funny thing too, some Lionel poses while singing, holding their merch or peanut butter or cats lol Lets just go for it and make them laugh the way they always make us laugh

We can always change Mythical beasts to Rhett and Link and Mythical crew, it can be done. I've tested it in my awful tone deaf voice lol

This might work! However, there's no instrumental version of this song. Are you sure we can work on that?

I'm not sure myself but I do know someone I can ask. I'll get back to you as soon as they do


we are absolutely fine to do the song and change words, we just have to credit Rhett and Link as the original creators. So what's next? lol

We might need one example video first!  then upload an instrumental version to We Transfer, so everyone can download, sing/record their part (or the whole song) and send to the one responsible for editing?

Also what song have you picked... it is Dec 15th already XP

Here from Twitter!! Yes I would like to join



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