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Hi Everyone,

I have a holiday idea I rally want to do for Rhett and Link, I feel like they've given us so much more dis year wif teh book and teh tour that I want us to give something back. So my idea....

A fan video of us singing a mash-up of a Christmas carol and a Rhett and Link song. Every fan would sing a line and we would edit it together to make one video. While you're recording you'reself singing you're line/words (depending on how many want to take part) you could be holding you're pet or a jar of marmite/vegemite or peanut butter or a fake beard. Teh idea is to make them laugh they way they make us laugh. 

So far we need to pick songs and I need a volunteer to edit and a list of who would like to be in it.

Song wise we need a Christmas carol everyone nos and a r&l instrumental song off SoundCloud as we have to watch copyright issues and we don't want to upset anyone. Please find teh link here


We also have to work quickly we are already in December. 

So comment away people, let's get dis started.

Thanks in advance for all you're halp and support wif dis project.

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Hey Sammy I'm gunna hopefully have my video in by 10 i had some car issues that turned a 4 hoyr drive into 7 

Alright My video is in let me know if you didnt get it

Hi everyone,

can all those that sent a video to Cindy please let me have your name or twitter handle, however you'd like to be named in the video, please?



@mimeashley is mine.

Thanks Ashley x

@fundarism is my Twiiter, and my name is Jena!

Please use my twitter name, @kunkimkoala.

In case you don’t know which one is mine. My email is vipnon.k@gmail.com :D

Mine is @Mythical G

Kimberly (pandog) 

You can use the name I use here :3 

Thanks everyone,

I'll release the video on my youtube channel tomorrow and post a link to it here for you all to access.

Thanks for taking part everyone xxx

my name wasn't in the description of the fan video


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