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I was thinking of making my mythical beast an eagle dolphin, but I cant think of the name of it (Deagle? Eaglephin?) So I looked up a little bit and found this on devinart:

Am I allowed to use this photo on this site If I give credit to Laura Zavraan? Also Laura thought the name of it would be Adelar. (Noble eagle, a german name) Can I use that name for my beast?


I'm not very good at drawing so making a new picture of it is out of the question. (Unless its 8-16 bit. XD)

What do you think?

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how about sir patriotic dolphin

You can do whatever you like, as long as you have permission to use the illustration from its creator - - -  and, by the way, that is one awesome illustration - - - and/or there is not a copyright on it.


Here is a little tool you might find handy in making a decision - - ->http://www.bing.com/translator/

You can translate the word EAGLE (or any other word or phrase) into many languages and find one you like.  That is how Rhett came up with his beast name of Shahbaz (Persian: شَهباز) which literally means 'king of falcons' or 'royal falcon'


Another good source of inforation is:  http://www.monstropedia.org


Or, just do a Google or Bing search "How to say FILL IN WORD in other languages" and see what comes up. 

The Choctaw word for "eagle" is tala'ko and in Navajo the name "flying eagle" is Atsa' ndaat'a'igi'i

Nice thanks!

I suggest Encanradoroc or Rocencantado. It's a combo of 2 words: 'roc' (a giant eagle mythical beast) and  'encantado' meaning 'enchanted one' or shapeshifter. Viki told me that the word 'encantado' is used in Brazil to describe shapeshifting snakes or dolphins. (if you haven't seen an episode with Viki in it yet, Viki is Wikipedia, not some random blonde german girl)

Delfin orseł, it means Dolphin eagle. It can not only fly high, but it can dive deep into the ocean. This animal can hold its breath up to 15 minuets, but does not need to be in water to live. It makes its nest for its young ones out of sea weed, and lays large eggs. The young ones learn to swim and fly almost instantly. This animal eats mainly fish, and is friends with both the dolphin and the eagle. This animal is fun, friendly and playful, yet noble and courageous.



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