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Hi, I'm Heather, and I've been graciously granted permission to revive this group! So, let's jump on in! 

What's your story on how and when you started watching Markiplier, a.k.a. Mark Fischbach, on YouTube?

Have you ever met him in person? Where & when? (Conventions, in his videos in a park, etc.) 

Have you ever met him online, like in a public live stream or online chat? (Charity live streams, Omegle, or similar.) 

Do you have any future plans to meet him? 

And have you met any of his friends? Bob, Wade, Matt, Ryan, Daniel (*RIP), Tyler, Ethan, Amy, Kathryn, and anyone else I haven't mentioned that you know he's worked with, or maybe even his brother!

You can mention if you have met or will meet his friends, PewDiePie / Felix Kjellberg and Jacksepticeye / Sean McLoughlin if you like, but just remember this group is more about Mark. Thanks! 

Do you love Chica? :) (Who doesn't? lol) WOOF


I remember starting to watch Mark not long after I started watching Rhett & Link. It was around Halloween of 2015. That was when he had pink hair! I want to say the first series I really stuck to was SOMA, which is my favorite series he's done, because I remember going home for Halloween and binge-watching it! Around the same time, I was hooked on Layers of Fear and not long after that, I cycled through his older videos like Amnesia, and similar, so I could get to know him and what his channel was all about. I also found out about Ear Biscuits, listened to his episode, Ep. 61, really enjoyed it and just kept on watching after that! :) 

I have not met him, but someday, whether at a convention, public place, or online, I would like to meet him! 

I have not met any of his friends, but I would like to meet them as well!

Of course! She's the best pup! :) His family dogs are also so cute when he goes home and shows us videos of them! 

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