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I know there aren't many people in this group (2 at the time of this post) but we gotta start somewhere, right?

So, what creative constructions have you made in the land of blocks and explosions?

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I made a fountain and have slowly been building a huge town around it. It is in creative mode to save the time it would take to gather supply's. Right now it has over 25 different buildings and 18 houses. I set it up so it would work as a town on a survival server. I know it's pointless building a server on a single player world, but its easyer to create a new world than to run a server.

Well, if you get someone else on your home network, you can just share the world over LAN.

On the other hand, you can also copy the world into a Bukkit server if you really want it to be online.

I made a replica of the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina on Pocket Edition

Can the Pocket Edition do screenshots? It'd be nice to see it.

On a server I play on, you get a plot of land, with not muc room going out... so instead I went up and built a giant tree that is my house. Also, I built an exact copy of my church. That was fun:)

Got pics? Would love to see a giant tree house. ^_^


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