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I could've sworn I saw some guy wearing a GMM t-shirt the other day, but I was mistaken. I was wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of meeting up with another beast IRL?

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My friend and I saw a guy at the mall wearing a R&L t-shirt once, but we didn't say anything to him though. We're both kinda shy in public haha.
My 11 year old daughter met a MB in her German class today.

Although my kids are homeschooled, they go once a week to a place where they take some classes. Today in her German class, one boy had a container of glue and was commenting on its label that said it was non-toxic (and you know what "non-toxic" means...). Another boy piped up and said "Do you watch Good Mythical Morning?" When my daughter heard that, she gasped loudly and the two of them started exchanging Mythicalisms, much to the bewilderment of those around them. She forgot to do the handshake, though. I told her next week to be sure and greet him with the handshake.

I have a friend who she is also a mythical but I didn't know it and neither she. So one day we were back from school and we were talking, I see that was already 13:00 (the time good mythical morning uploads in Greece) so I told her I have to live because i have to watch a youtube show. She ask what was about and I told her that there sre two funny guys. and then she interupt me and says; a blonde beard one and a guy with glasses. "yes" I said. and we both screamed Rhett and Link and we started huging and telling "I AM A MYTHICAL BEAST TOO"

I met two people at school who love Rhett and Link's videos. Both of them said Rhett and Link were hilarious.

I was wearing my GMM shirt to school, we had a casual clothes day, and my friend and I walked behind one of the buildings, we saw a boy & a girl talking. as we walked past the boy said "oh you have a good mythical morning shirt, that's awesome." to me. I didn't know what to do. after my friend and I kept walking past them I said "OMG he knows what GMM is!"

There's a mythical beast in my graphic design class



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