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I could've sworn I saw some guy wearing a GMM t-shirt the other day, but I was mistaken. I was wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of meeting up with another beast IRL?

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and when you did . . . did you extend the R of mythical friendship?


Mythical Handshake


CAUTION:  never try to handfeed a mythical beast in the wild.  Sure way to loose a finger.

I live with a Mythical Beast! I introduced Rhett and Link to her about a year ago. : D

I was in drama playing Return(Way to long to explain) and the person was returning bacon. I shouted out,"For Gosh sake! Rhett and Link wrote a song about this!"

Hannah Bell(A girl that has drama and band with me) comes up to me next period and asks,"how did you know about the bacon song?"

we look into eachothers eyes and i slowly extended the "R". And she slowly recieved it with the "L".

It was definnently the most mythical part of my week and i will never forget it!

I'll resurrect this discussion because it seems like an appropriate place to tell this story. About an hour ago, I met my first Mythical Beast in the wild, with a bit of an interesting twist!

I am standing downtown in a public square watching one of my sisters perform a dance when, immediately on my right, I hear someone say, "Good Mythical Morning!" Adequately surprised, I turn to see a group of three girls all looking at me. As I wonder how they knew I was a R&L fan, one remarks, "We saw your shirt from across the square and just had to come say hello," reminding me that I am indeed wearing one of my R&L shirts.

As if this isn't enough of a surprise, she continues, "Do you know the handshake?" as she "extendes the R" of the Mythical Handshake toward me. After a stunned chuckle, I manage to reciprocate with the "L" and reply, "Um, yes. In fact, I actually was the one to invent it, if you can believe it." We proceed to engage in the dainty ritual and complete my first ever Mythical Handshake with another person.

Aww, that's so cool! It's only right that you were finally able to use your creation. :-) 

I surely hope that all three of them are also kommunity members (and shame on you if you didn't inquire and advise those foolhardy souls if otherwise) so that they are able to check on this thread and/or several others in order to verify this as only one of your many claims to mythical fame.  Little did these girls know when they ventured forth today that they would soon be in the presence of a Kommlebrity.

I just wonder . . . after the initial shock wore off, did you attempt to complete an entire circle of mythilicious greeting going on?




Very cool, Kevin! And now you know there are at least three other R&L fans for a Mythicon next year, eh?

make that at least FOUR - - Marcus Bean - - - assuming you're still in Boston and just haven't updated the Rapid City SD tag on your profile page

I'm back in good old Rapid City for the school year (and that's where I met the 3 MBs in question), but I may be out in Boston next summer interning at the same place. It's up in the air at the moment.


I agree, on both accounts! It was a bit surreal.


"Kommlebrity" is hilarious, and I didn't quite have time to get the circle of mythilicious greeting going on, as the meeting was brief. Next time!


True! I'm not sure if any of them are Kommunity members, but there could certainly be some effort into making that happen, if I'm still around these parts next summer.

I was out in Wildwood New Jersey about a week ago (august 11 2014) and I met a wild Jenn (Epimeliad) O___O we did not do the handshake though >.>  (It was a planned outing )

Yeah I am pretty wild, random and clumsy. :P


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