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Ello ello ladies and gents, Wendy Weasley here! But you can just call me W if ye wish.  Dis 'ere is the "arry Potter RP, thats Roll Play'n for ye non smarties. We'll have our own wor'd ere on de komm durin, the 'arry potter series, and maybe if we be lucky we get to meet his youngin's too.  So to start ye off 'ere are some basics in rules.  Now, knowin me and me brother's you ought think i be a trouble makah, but i stick to me game if you stick to yer's




               *you can be any living creature you want as long as you can find it in the wizard *or muggle world, and you can have up the three people, but one would be perfered


               *Battles are aloud, but you can not kill anyone else unless

                         A) you come to an agreement that you can kill off someone else's person (they can have anouther person if theirs dies)

                          B) its YOUR characters fighting against one anouther

                          C)Its not against someones person, rather just a deer, or a creature you pass along on your way.


                *Magic is most deffenetly aloud, you can make up your own but no death spells against other people (refure to BATTLES for questions on death spells)

~GAMES, TOURNIES AND TRAGITIES (Quidditch try outs, Matches, and Big Battle scenes)

               *I will create these moments in time peridocally and if a Quidditch match/season begins, I will tell you when its over.  There will sometimes be big battles that happen in this RP world, so keep a look out for that, and be sure to keep up with the reading, it will get long i'm sure.


               *You most certinaly can have people from our real world, and the Harry Potter world in our story, but don't make them do something you don't think they would do in the movie, like having Harry become a ballerina dancer, or the twins becoming farmers.  just doesn't seem likely.  And once a HP person is on the "field" you can't take control of them if someone else is, unless they leave the scene for a long period of time.  YOU CAN BE IN IT TOO!



******Now that you 'ave read all 'dis rules, lets begin shall we?





*George, Fred and Wendy are sitting around a stump outside their home.  George and Fred are 19 years of age, while Wendy is 16.  Wendy's 17th birthday is about to come soon and she will finally be able to do magic outside of Hogwarts*

George: "Well Wendy, in just a couple weeks you'll be seventeen."

Fred: "Yeah, I remember when I turned seventeen, got to do magic outside of school, accedently burned down the shed, and got that cute Hufflepuff girl to go on a date with me."

George: "Uh, Fred, that last part was me."

Fred: "Oh...right...mine was from....Slitherin...."

Wendy: "Ah come now Fred, whot's so bad about Slitherin?"

George: "Your to young to remember, but when Fred was 11, his first year at hogwarts, everyone at Slitherin laughed at him."

Wendy: "Why's that?"

 Fred: "Because Georgie over here was trying out a new spell and set my pants on fire."

*George got up and started running around pretending his pants were on fire. Wendy started laughing*

Fred: "Yeah, and the Slitherin's got a big laugh out of it."

Wendy: "Is that why you make people laugh now?  So they'll forget about when you were 11?"

George: "He doesn't try to make them laugh, it just comes natural to him." *George starts to laugh.  Wendy and Fred were laughing too and then Wendy stopped.*

Fred: "Whot's wrong Wend?"

Wendy: "...Don't you guys have to help 'arry tomarrow?"

*Both of the boys quit smiling and sat next to Wendy.  George put his arm our her shoulder.*

Fred: "Don't worry about it sis."

George: "Yeah, we be ok.  I mean, come on, we are Weasley's.  We're the toughest bunch out there."  *he rubbed the top of her head and her hair ruffled because she had some what short hair, but as red orange as her brothers.  Her blue eyes moved between the two grinning boys and she started to laugh.*

Wendy: "I guess your right.  But if you don't make it home safe, i'm gunna 'ave to kill ya." *They all three chuckled.

Fred: "I'll agree to that, but you'll 'ave to wait a week before you can, or you'll get 'suspended'." *He made googlie eyes when he said 'suspended'.*

George: "yeah, as if a Weasley will get suspended from Hogwarts, whot with all the pranking we do eh Fred?" *Everyone starts laughing again.*


****The screen fades out ready for the next scene****



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"I must see to this victor, he incites suspicion in me, accipere mihi" (meaning take me there, a custom spell mader by raymond that will take the user to the place they have in mind, like apparating but silent, basically switches what is at the destination with what is being teleported, may include things such as blades of grass, and falling objects within the field of teleportation, field of teleportation is marked by a sort of bubble surrounding the user) and as the grass blades settled in the turf, he suddenly found himself face to face with victor and, believe it or not, voldemort, he just stood there, he raised his wand in an apparently defensive position, ready to deflect any spell he needed to deflect, Raymond took everything in at a moment at this stage, the dark lord was holding up a boy, maybe a 2nd or 3rd year, going by his size, he raised his wand further, searching for a spell in his arsenal to use to knock these two out, without harming them
the bombarda maxima came onto him quite suddenly, and flung him outside the sphere, unconscious, he slowly drifted in a sea of thoughts, dimly aware of what was going on around him, and he could not react at all to anything, even though he saw it, he did not understand it...
Raymond awoke somewhat abruptly, he found himself inside that bubble of no magic again, right next to that kid who was being tortured, he had to suume, by voldemort, "hey, kid, wake up, beforee victor spots us talking, we need to get out of here," raymond said quetly to the kid next to him...
"I'll try my best" Raymond whispered quietly so victor could not hear, slowly Raymond inched out of victor's sight and got up, and slowly got a hold of the kid, wondering how he knew Raymond's name, either way, he slowly carried peter to the edge of the shield...

Victor Was watching the storm ahead and thinking to himself what a nice day it seemed to be then he heard

movement behind him and saw that Ray was dragging the Injured peter towards the edge of the shield "STOP!"Victor  shouted and flung "Bombarda maxima!" curse at them

Great addition you could be a writer
Luckily Ron was taking a walk by the sene and saw Hermione bent over Ramond with a look of concern and ran to her and his aid
"Not participating, man i thought i was obsessed, but this is too much*


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