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Are you happy or upset that there will be no more GMMs this year?

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upset =(

Me too!

right! its just so...sad lol

Not too thrilled, but I expected it with the holidays and all! I'm going to re-watch S2 during the hiatus, methinks, so I still have something to watch with my coffee. 

haha.... me too! I may even watch S1 over again.... why not? right!

Why would anyone be happy about it? Haha.

Ha...... I wonder, I don't think that any true beasts would be. :)

I actually am going back and rewatcing Good Morning Chia Lincoln. I forgot how completely perfect it is. Still better than GMM (although I do love GMM, don't get me wrong! GMCL is just so much more... natural I guess. I don't know.)

But I am definitely looking forward to the Holiday Special and Season 3!

The holiday special will be the bomb, I agree, and S3 should bring new and better things. I am going back and watching S1 and S2 of GMM and you gave me the perfect idea of watching GMCL as well.... thanks!


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