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Just announced today, Good Mythical Morning has been nominated in TWO Webby Awards categories this year:

You can only vote once per category (per account); make sure you vote in both!

The voting deadline is Thursday, April 20.

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Sweet! Voted.

I must say that, just as in the previous six years I've been visiting this site to cast my votes, for a group supposedly dedicated to all things internet base the WEBBYs certainly to have a pure sucky website design. Absolute crud on maneuverability . . . dead ends . . . broken links . . . unable to sign in . . . site down half the time. 

Is it some type of insider joke that I'm not getting???

That's strange, I've never had a problem with the Webbys website. I wonder if your work computer's security/firewall settings block some portions of the site, resulting in what looks like dead ends and broken links...or maybe it's just you. ;)

or maybe I'm just old and feeble and compudumb . . go on a say it!

I think it's the MS Windows 10 for Office tools including Internet Explorer that's hindering me.

New computer set for delivery and loading this week.  Wish me luck!

Good luck! I know when our office installed Windows 10, Microsoft eliminated Internet Explorer entirely and replaced it with a new browser called Microsoft Edge.


I voted, they are in first on one right now and the other they are in second.


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