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Hey! Rhett and Link are as you know, best friends. They remind me so much of my best friend and me. Do they remind you of you and your best friend? If so, how?

They remind me of my best friend and I because they write music together. My best friend and I do that as well.

How about you?
Which are you most like, Rhett or link?

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They make me miss my best friend, whom I've known since 2nd grade. They just talk about things that maybe me and my friend would talk about, and how silly we are when we get together. 

Astrologically, I'm a Libra and my friend is a Gemini, just like the guys. So I pick out a lot more similarities because of that as well. :) 

I have a bff who is a mythical beast here. Our friendship reminds me of Rhett and Link.We are both funny and have a YouTube channel. We have separate channels but we both go on each others to record sometimes. We are like a duo. I have known her for about 3 years now. I think I am mostly like Link and she is mostly like Rhett. 

I wish my friendship with my best friend was similar to theirs...

I relate to Rhett and my best friend relates a lot to Link.

She and I have been best friends since we were 4, and we both love GMM!


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