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Hi guys!

I don't know if I'm allowed to ask this here or if there's already a thread for this but I'm looking for a certain episode: it's one where there's a game format and Link is answering questions, then at some point he uses the Chase hint and Chase comes in and tells him its A B or C, but then Link chooses D (the joke answer) anyway and Rhett goes wild over it. The only reason I wanna find it is just because it was so ridiculously funny and I wanna laugh at it again - if anyone could help me that'd be great!


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Do you happen to remember what costume Chase was wearing in that episode? That would help narrow it down! 

No, I literally remember nothing about it except from what I wrote down haha, that's why I'm needing some help! 

It even a clue of how long ago the episod aired? Season 7 / Season 10 . . . anytime it to narrow it down

The only episode that comes kinda close to this description would be:

Who Wants to Be a Pot-O-Goldinaire? (GAME)


Because Link used his Chase lifeline, Chase gave him the right answer and Link still picked the wrong answer.

(Even though he didn't pick answer D. And I'm going to be honest, I can't think of even one Game episode where someone picked D as an honest answer.)

I think that is probably it yeah! Thanks a lot, I love everyone's reactions so much hahah!

Sorry that I was wrong!

But I would've never been able to find the correct episode, since I focused (based on your description) the most on the "answer D" and "Chase gave a hint" part :)

This might be it! He actually picked 'c' (there were only three options) at 7:16.

OKAY NO I MADE UP MY MIND this is it!! He's like 'I thought we'd established a pattern' hahahah I love it. Thanks!

Glad there's a thread like this, because I've been lost for a while. 

Trying to find one of the competition episodes. All I remember is Link won a round and started making weird snorting noises at Rhett. Then Rhett said "There are times where you terrify me, and it makes me question why we're friends..."

The quality makes me think it would only be as far back as 2014 or so.... 

Any ideas? :c



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