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Hello other Mythical Beasts, 

I bet there are a thousand or more posts about your favourite Good Mythical Morning episode but I have never seen one for Good Mythical More. So here we are! 

My favourite is "Shocking Ourselves with a fly swatter" 
It never fails to make me laugh 

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My favorite is "Eating Italian Candies." Link's mess ups in that episode just make me laugh so much.

It would probably be the Mad Gab game, them eating international snacks and the Electric Fly Swatter.

I love how they're enjoying themselves and have the Mythical Beasts join along with the fun. It's great. :)

I have to say the 'Bop it!' one. They were super cute, dancy, happy, cool and fun.
The 'Mad Gab' is a close second though xD

Exotic Pudding Taste Test !

I mean, of course there are a LOT of great GMMores, that are pure gold!

But here are my reason for picking this one:

1) they tell personal stories in this one

2) they tried to entertain us with some pudding taste testing, while telling the stories (even though story telling is entertaining enough)

3) they both tried to "pick a bone with each other", but were still laughing so much about what they each did "wrong" in the story, that it's just heartwarming to watch and listen to

4) "He is my business partner" 

I LOVE "Sucking Up Jacuzzi Air" !! Hilarious after math of holding their breath for so long. Their laughs while being "over oxygenated" make me laugh every time. And the entire story about Cole teaching Rhett about the "air teat" is funny to hear. I play the part where Link spits and Rhett knocks his mug in his lap over and over.. Love it!!

I just watched that one again this morning. I agree it's hilarious!

The Fly Swatter one is hilarious!!  But I am going with the Touch My Body Challenge, I only wish it had been longer.  That's your freaking nipple man

I can't just pick one gmmore but I have to say, the gmmores where they share stories are my absolute favourites! A few of my favourite story-sharing gmmores off the top of my head are:
-Cheesy Pizza Bites
-Bike Riding lessons
-Eating habeneros covered in chocolate (if I'm not wrong, the story is near the end of this ep)
-Link's marriage proposal story
-Storytime: Stuck in San Francisco
-Link's high school gym bag
And there's still a whole lot more!!

There's way too many! But personally, I love 'Link's Best Dad Ever! Story', 'Playing the New Bop It!', 'Sucking Up Jacuzzi Air', 'Link's High School Gym Bag', 'Bubble Gum Blowing Contest', 'How to Improve Your Eyes - Good Mythical More'', Copycat Jinx Game' & of course the fly swatter GMMore :)

GAH I have so many favorite GMMore Episode! I haven't watched all of them but I will list some of GMMore that I enjoy most!

- Can the Crew Feel a Stare?

- Playing the New Bop It!"

- Touch My Body Challenge

- Playing Pie Face Showdown

Oh man, there are so many good ones. Literally all of my favorites have already been said. "Playing Mad Gab Game", "Playing The New Bop It", "Link's Best Dad Ever! Story", and "How To Improve Your Eyes- Good Mythical More". As for ones that haven't been mentioned yet, I really like "Rhett's Amazing Valentine's Gift To His Wife", "Link's House Is Haunted", "Link's Nightmare Neighbors", "Link's Fight At A Gas Station", "Link Gets Beaten Up By Jon Hamm", "Let's Play- Black Hat Cooperative", and "Let's Play- Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes". I know the Let's Plays aren't popular, and I don't like all of them, but those two VR games were absolutely hysterical to watch R&L play. Link fumbling around and hitting the microphone, Rhett yelling about BingBong91, oh man. And of course, all of their stories in various episodes are gold.

I just can't put my finger on exactly why . . . but GMMore #485 is probably at the top of my list of favorites


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