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What's your favorite or best song to play on your instrument? 

I have a Harry Potter medley I love to play on my violin, but I can also rock Eine Kliene Nachtmusik by Mozart. 

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I love playing Bossa Nova songs on guitar. Such as desafinado by Joao Gilberto. It is soooo good! The future holds more Bossa Nova playing for me.

Everlong or Bridges Burning on guitar.

Foo Fighters are pretty neat.

i love playing the water by johnny flynn, home by mumford and sons and skinny love by bon iver

greensleves on my ukulele

my favorite has to be crazy train. no idea why its just awesome to me


I play Alto sax and my favorite peice so far is Variations on Scarborough fair

I like playing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen on my Ukulele, or Squirrel Song on my Ukulele. I also like Dope Zebra on the Piano.

I love playing I Dreamed A Dream on my violin.

My favourite song to play on piano is Skyworld by Two Steps from Hell! On the guitar, I like playing Misty Mountain Cold from the Hobbit. :D

I like playing pure imagination on my saxophone
I play Fur Elyse on piano by bethoven
I like to play Zelda's Lullaby on my piano


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