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Have you ever had a dream about R&L? Admit it, you have. Tell us about YOUR mythical dream!

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I had a dream about Rhett & Link last week. Rhett and Link were doing GMM on either side of a Lego mural of themselves. Three of their kids were their playing with the Legos on the mural. At the end of the show Rhett's head was partially missing. He turned to his son and casually commented, "What happened? Half of my head is gone."

Rhett and Link had been shooting a video with another YouTuber (whom I do not recognize). He had retained a brown liquid from the shooting and they wanted it back. I remember Link saying quietly into the camera that there were going to sneak in and take it. They approach the warehouse with about twenty other people. Once inside they discover a helicopter, which takes off. R&L get on a platform to grab on, but the tail section swings back and they jump off. They land in a pool (yes, there is a pool in this warehouse). All the while, the evil YouTuber is laughing maniacally.

Hey guys! We can have more discussions like this over at the Dreamers group! Please head over and join if you're into talking about dreams!

Like a month ago I had a dream :3

I was with some friends in some kind of Vidcon but in a smaller room with less people and I was there, just in the middle, and the guys were recording a live GMM. After they ended they were saying hi to some of the mythical beasts and I was like static in my place, almost in shock hahaha and Link noticed it and he came to me to say hi and I asked him for a hug and he hugged me and then Rhett waved to me, and after that happened they left the room and I asked to one of my friends if she took photos and she said "Nope. But I have it all in video" And I woke up and I was like super smiling XD

I have had some dreams about them. 1 was that Rhett and Link and they were in the same store as me. I decided to take there pic but the flash was messing up. Link said " its alright u can take our picture". I told him "I turned my camera off bc of the flash." My other dream was that I was at someone else's house and Link was there for an interview. I took pics of him and we hugged. 

I had a dream that Rhett and Link and their families were over at my house, sitting at my couch away from each other and i was talking to Rhett and he wanted to take my shirt and i didnt want him to. But my grandma talked him into it so he took it to show Link. And then i went over to Link and he looked like a crazy person, so i didnt talk to him but i really wanted to. And then i lucid dreamed to talk to Locke. I also had a dream that I got home after a few days and i was watching GMM and there were creepy music videos on their channel and their hair changed and GMM changed in a bad way.

They randomly appeared in my dream last night! ..That's the first time I've ever had a dream about them, all I remember was getting out of a car, and they were both just standing there, then Rhett started teasing me about what I was wearing haha, I hate not remembering what else happened I wish I wrote it down

I dreamt that I was walking down a street in my home town Dayton WA. And found Rhett and Link outside their house the weird part was that they were actually teenagers...like 15. And Jason was their dad and he editied the videos to make both Rhett and Link look like adults.
I had this dream where I was reading a book called The Little Mermaid and suddenly I appeared in the wilderness with Rhett and Link. We had this whole big camping adventure trying to find civilization. As soon as we found a city, I woke up.

I was so happy this morning, I had another dream about them! (and they BOTH talked to me this time) I wrote down some of what I remembered... - Was in a big room with lots of people (probably mythical beasts!) and they were both on stage entertaining us for a bit, (can't remember exactly what they said/did but I do remember laughing a lot) they came off, Rhett came over to me and my friend, she told him she likes his jeans, he said "thanks", looked at me and said "I dyed them" (? haha) he waved bye to me, then Link came over, (talked directly at me he didn't even look at my friend haha) he said to me "Sheryl, I have to bang my whole upper half on 9 tables and I'm not allowed to count" (Idek). To my right Rhett was sitting on a stool and he said "Sheryl..." and was ABOUT to say something to me but my dog jumped on my face and woke me up :( oh well, I remember so clearly the eye contact I made with them when they were talking to me so I'm happy about that :')

I will admit that I actually had three dreams about Rhett and Link. The first one was kinda boring and it was a dream about me going on a tour at the Mythical Entertainment Studio with Rhett and Link. The second one was about me being the first in line waiting to see Rhett and Link at VidCon but only Link was there which is kinda weird. and I actually didn't go to VidCon :( . The third one was the weirdest Rhett and Link dream I've had. It starts of with someone knocking on the door and I answer it. It appeared to be Rhett and Link and Rhett was in the hamster suit he wore on a Rhett and Link Reenacnement and Link was in a dinosaur costume. They looked like the Rhett and Link from 2010. They asked me if they could make a video with me and I asked my mom and she said yes. Then Link sat down in a chair in the dining room and started eating waffles with me. That was then the end of the dream.

Now I want a waffle



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