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There have been a couple discussions about lyrics posted around. Rhett and Link are consistently clear in their lyrics, however once in a while, a line escapes me. An example is in the Cheese Rap, when swiss cheese is singing "got more holes in my body than my _______ Geneva represent!" Can anybody fill in the blank?

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"than my boy 50 cent... cold (?) out on the streets....Geneva represent!"

At least that's what I'm hearing, but I could be wrong. :D
Got more holes in my body than my boy 50-cent
Curdled on the streets -- Geneva represent!

It's in the description of the video. =)
Ah, thank you Emily!!
Ha...somehow I totally missed that it was in the description. :P
Here's another one. In the "Crayon Colors Song," at the end it sounds like they're singing something backwards. Anybody know what they're singing?
Due to my curiousity, a few months ago I downloaded the Mp3 and reversed it. =) Pardon me if this isn't exactly correct, but heres how I remember it:

"The guys watch this for the girls; the girls watch this for the drawings"

WOW! I wonder if that's it?! It's like a secret punch line! Thanks Em!
No problem. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they said , but I'm not sure if I worded it the same way they did, the reversed version is long deleted off of my hard drive. LOL.
Hehe... somebody reversed the video on YouTube:

Hahaha! That's awesome!


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