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Song writing is so much fun. Whether it is a simple A B A B pattern. Or something more complex like ABCDBCEFABC. What is your creative process? Do you jam to write a song? Or do you hear a melody? What is your process or formula?  Let me know I am quite interested.

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I write a lot of my own songs.  Usually, I'll thinkn of the words first in a fairly complex pattern, and I come up with a tune that goes with it.  Then I jam for a little and totally skip meals and everything and eventually come up with the right thing.

Wow! That's awesome! I should try this words first method.  Rarely have I gotten around to writing words for my songs. I love the dedication, missing meals and all! Very cool.

 Their are usually two main methods that I employ while song writing. One,  record myself jamming (improvising). Then, construct a song from the recorded jamming. The second method I use is the, Jam then memorize method.  I just jam and play whatever flows from my guitar naturally. If I play something that sounds amazing, I play it over and over until it's memorized. Then, I continue creating new parts and memorizing them. Till I feel the song is good and finished. Or at-least as good and finished as I can make it.

i am going to try to write a song that goes to the tune of a Queen song about llamas

I do!

I make more classical, depressing music; because I usually use it as a form of outlet.  The only song I actually publicized, "Recurring Wounds", was removed two or three years after it was because I didn't like how it turned out.  I want to make another song, but I just haven't been motivated enough.

I wrote a few songs! I usually already have a melody in my head while writing the lyrics. After finishing the lyrics, I try to figure out the chords on my piano, I try different versions and record them several times until I'm happy with the result :)

I try to write even just a verse to chorus at least once a week. I have melodies going through my head daily so when one sticks around I use that. Or if i think of a way to redo a song, Ill do that too. I'll usually start with a raw track on logic and go from there eventually creating a solid BMP and more tracks.



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