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Do you remember the old Wheel of Mythicality? It was one of my favorite parts of GMM, and I am very sad that they changed it. I know they had reasons and everything, but I still miss the old and hilarious Wheel endings sometimes. Do you agree? Or do you think that this new change made GMM better?

I am still a mythical beast and a-Rhett-and-Link-super-die-hard-fan to the grave.

Peace out. 

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I was not my favorite part, but I have to admit that it was hilarious more than one time !

For more opinions from when the new wheel was freshly introduced, see Wheel of Mythicality - Season 11.

The old Wheel was amazing, and I loved it. I did laugh a lot at all the weird and crazy endings. Now things have changed. 

Somehow it looks like they matured over time with us...

And then Link eats a spider and Rhett eats some glue. They've incorporated the craziness of the Old Wheel endings into the minutes of their episode, which is even better! :D

lol good point XD


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