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I just saw this page on iflscience and I thought it would be fun to see if Rhett and Link can identify letters they (and everyone) should know.


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I can write cursive. I taught myself studying history books with examples of 1840s (and earlier) hand written letters in.
I also copied my mother's handwriting. My school teachers encouraged printing though, I do both depending on the situation..
I bet being 39, 40 year-olds Rhett and Link where probably taught cursive and probably use it from time to time

Considering the fact I'm 28 and was taught cursive lettering in elementary school in the late 90s, the chances are very high that Rhett and Link learned cursive in school in the 80s. I think it only started going nearly completely out of use in the new millennium. 

To be fair, I don't think the typographic looptail "g" in the article you linked is really related to cursive writing, though...from what I recall, the cursive lowercase "g" looks very much like the print version, except that the tail loops over itself in order to connect with the next letter. The typed looptail in the article is highly stylized compared to that, and I wouldn't be able to replicate it without studying it first!

What about different fonts?


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