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The re-emergence of the dreaded "Do you guys believe that God is real?" thread and the recent addition of another similar topic: "God vs evolution who wins?" has prompted me to post a request to moderators and all other forum members.

I am a member of many forums on the internet and discussion of such topics is explicitly banned, because of the division, arguments and general ill feeling among members that they create.

The Kommunity has groups such as "Christian", "Mormon", "athiest and agnostic" and so on where topics like this could be discussed and those who wish to view them could go to the appropriate place.

I don't know how many people will agree, but from what I have seen, these discussions arguments really bring out the worst in everyone, go round in endless circles, and solve nothing.

I have decided to make this post to appeal to those who can enforce it, to move/keep future discussions of this kind away from the main forum and make it a more pleasant place for everyone.

Thank you.

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i agree. i just don't see why we have to bring up these topics IN AN ARGUMENT.

if someone is going to have a conversation like introducing themselves they can say what religion they believe in assuming they HAVE one. then the other can respond and the two move on and LOOK AT THAT! nothing like an argument happened. and really if you have an opinion then just be yourself yes and give it. don't FORCE it. let's just be friends and GET ALONG and can we just not talk about politics please?

I agree, so many arguments have broke out on main chat due to people bringing up religion. I'm not religious but don't have a problem with people talking about it, however when people force their religion on people, arguments break out and get so heated people have to be reported. 

someone gets it. THANK YOU 

Your'e correct, Leah.  It also applies in the opposite direction.  Some people will try to force their NON-religious stance on others as well.

The whole subject is a recipe for disaster in a setting where people have the power and anonymity that a keyboard gives them.

I agree! 

true. it seems that the people posting here actually have a mind that's good

Agreed. It gets out of hand way too often and way too quickly. Most people are courteous and respect each other's views and beliefs, but there's always a few obnoxious people who like to argue and like attention, so they make a big deal and get everyone mad at each other. Everyone has their own opinion and mindset, and they have a right to it. People just need to settle down and, like you said, discuss topics like that in their respective groups. It really doesn't make anyone happy and wastes time when there's arguing going on. We're all friends here, we shouldn't let opinions and beliefs get in the way of that. 

Anything that is based on personal preference, feelings, and/or faith, will eventually lead to a flamewar.

It starts with  such things like esoteric palm reading and astrology, and ends up with whether evolution is a scam, after touching on things like capitalism vs. socialism and racial topics.

It is not something to be ashamed off, there have been wars fought, about those things, and some conflicts are still going on - just because one group of people feel different than the other.

Banning things like this completely is one thing, another is giving those things a forum. On hydrogenaudio.com - a forum I've been on for many years now, things like "Analogue vs. Digital" and "Vinyl vs. CD" will creep up from time to time, but the people on there are professional enough to know better. It's new and one-time-users that start those topics. However, external discussions are brought in from time to time, and discussed, but there's certain things that people have to be aware of.

Either you're talking based on indisputable facts, or you clearly mark your own opinions as such. Is something true, or do you believe something is true? Little differences like this make the difference whether a controversial discussion turns into an argument or not.

A group like "Christians" is not the right place to discuss whether "god is real" or "evolution is a lie". If you want a forum for controversial topics like this, you should make a group for that explicitly. If anyone feels the need to discuss whether "god is real" or whether "socialism is bad" or "Vinyls are better than CDs", they need extra groups for that. I will not suggest names for groups, however.

I like discussing things like that. So why haven't I opened a group for that by now? Well, quite simply: I believe this isn't the right place to discuss controversial things in general.

I'm not saying young people are unable to have a serious discussion about things like that, but the cans of worms are much, much bigger, than in other places. To me, this Kommunity has a certain general theme, one that attracts a younger demographic. I'm not sure it is therefor appropriate to discuss religious beliefs and/or political things in here. Controversial things need to be moderated quite carefully, which isn't the case here, actually. It is more on a laisez-faire basis. Which isn't a bad thing, but when discussions segue into controversial things, the aforementioned cans of worms are opened, and the little creatures flood the plains... And trust me, those cans are huge.

In the end, I'd say topics like this should be avoided. Why? Because it is impossible to carefully moderate controversial discussions, not because people in here - or younger people - are unable to discuss controversial things on a serious level.

Very well said.

Wow. Extremely well said is more like it.

I agree with your articulation that this is a general forum with appeal to the younger fans of R&L.

If this site continues to have a lack of moderators, then I support Moose's idea that such threads need to be prevented or removed as they're created. If a dedicated group of moderators were to be instated, though, then maybe such discussions could be left to continue under their judicial watch. (Maybe.)

yes yes yes



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