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Everyone is from somewhere! Tell us where your from, and describe what the people are like!

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My "people" as you say are from the South originally. I now live in Southern California, but my dad's parents came from Mississippi and Texas, and before that Hatia and way before that Africa. My mom's parents came from Texas and before that Mexico and Spain. But now I am quite the Californian. :D

And my people are... memorable.

Loud is a good word to use when describing us. :D

Or maybe that's just me. ;)

Haha!! I'm from the south, so our people are much like rhett and link(dont like confrontation, friendly, etc.) But there are always sour apples!

So true! 

And Southerners have the best accents. ;)

Woah woah woah! Rhett and link do NOT have accents! Or am i so used to hearing them, that i dont pick up on it? O_O

The accent comes out on certain words but they don't sound like they come from rural NC.  The city folk round here tend to have less of an accent.

 I can pick up on an NC accent in a heart beat. If you listen closely their accents change whenever they start talking about NC :-)

I am from Northeastern NC but now live in Central NC.  

The people here are cautiously friendly and very country.  

We take our shirts off and swing them around our heads like helicopters then raise up on occasion.  jk  :-)  

You will learn all you need to know about this from Petey Pablo.  

We are also very fond of Andy Griffin. ;-)

But really most of us NC natives are laid back and have a really good sense of humor and adventure. 

Hopefully the NC folks will get a good laugh.

I come from Cape Cod, which people automatically assume means I'm wealthy, but even vacation spots need a working class. I remember there always being a pretty clear divide between the rich and the working class, growing up.

There's a lot of retirees, people with summer homes, and younger couples that were born into wealth and/or aren't losing it any time soon because they never had children. A lot of the wealthier kids I grew up with had parents that owned their own businesses. My mother's a teacher. We got our house through inheritance from her significantly richer parents.

There is a weird variety of southern northerner there. It's probably less regional and more vocational. My mother's boyfriend works in construction (construction and landscaping are popular jobs there) and cranberry farming, he's aggressively right-wing, and he got my family into nascar. Upon going off to college, and going back to visit, I did notice my mom has a bit of this weird, kind of  southern, kind of boston accent, that ends up sinking into me whenever I'm home.

The population practically triples in the summer, and becomes packed with tourists. Tourists are either the nicest people ever, because they're on vacation and having fun, or they're horrible monsters with no perspective who will lose it if their vacation isn't PERFECT. If the weather's not nice, they go on a rampage.

The rest of the year, it's very small-towny. My graduating class had under 100 people. The towns are really into community events, like organized strolls through the center of town, foot races, or a harvest festival. I used to work in a town hall.

I've come to appreciate that small-towny-ness, post-moving out.

Wow cool! I live in a small town in mid-GA, so not a lot of tourists, but you do see plenty of people you know around! XD


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