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Hey ya'll have you heard about the DARPA Network Challenge?
I think we need a Mythical Beast Team!!
The jist is.. that DARPA is putting up 10 tethered 10 foot red weather balloons across the continental United States today.. actually they are inflating them now as I type.
They will be up till 4 pm local time. The person who enters in the coordinates of all 10 balloons first wins! They are doing a bit of a social networking experiment here as well..
If we happen to get them all we will just have to donate the money to Rhett and Link's favourite charities!
Are you in! ??
See a red balloon note the number of it ant the location and send it in to me! How easy could it be?
GO Mythical Beasts!

If you see one of these balloons send me the address, or better yet the coordinates longitude and latitude and I will enter them at the DARPA site..

aka the eHermitess

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Yep!! They better watch out cause the Mythical Beasts will trump them and buy a bunch of Llamas for Heifer Project or somthing!! hehehe
aka the eHermitess

MissEh (Sentient Blossom) said:
Ahhhhhh... I hate contradicting people, but... erm, the $40, 000 was actually a 'cash' prize, and only some teams were planning to give it to charity. (ie: Nerdfighters, Groundspeak, the would-be Mythical Beast team, and maybe others...)

Here's a link to the winning MIT team's clever and effective, but rather, er, 'triangular' payout scheme.


I say, Kudos to those who earmarked it all for charity, and congrats to MIT. Just watch out for next time!
I saw the title of this discussion, and instantly got that one Nena song stuck in my head. "Ninety-nine red balloons...Floating in the summer sky...."


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