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I tried my hand at coloring a Mythical Beast, I never tried it before, but now I have.



*Call 555-555-DOGNCAT to get a free toothbrush!

So if you'd like that, tell me!

If it's something that I can google and find out what it is, just say your mythical beast (Ex. "Unicorn"). If it's something you created, describe it for me!  

If it's something too hard that I can't create, I might not do it, or I might do something related to it.

Example: Shabaz, Rhett's mythical beast. I might draw a pair of wings and "Shabaz" in golden letters instead of drawing a Shabaz.

Visual Examples Coming Soon.

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Oooo, can you do mine? Mine is pretty straightforward, albeit little boring. If you'd like to take any liberties with it feel free! :-)

This is cool! I would love to see what you come up with. My mythical beast is a cat apparition. 


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