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I find that when I check the forum, it's difficult to remember which topics I've read or see if they've been updated. Is there a way to mark this, like on other forums?

(For instance, here's the Sara Watkins message board: http://www.sarawatkins.com/message-board.html If you'll notice they have a little star indicating which parts have posts you've read and which parts don't.)

Now, I'm not sure if you can do this because of Ning, but that's just a little suggestion that I think might make the Kommunity easier to navigate.


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Something like that would make things a lot easier. I find myself look at all of the "latest reply" times and trying to figure out how many hours ago I was last on the Kommunity.
Yep, Ning isn't as sophisticated as some VBoards you may have participated in. This is meant to be more of a local social network that has a forum aspect to it. I find this frustrating, too. But, here are 2 suggestions we'll probably be putting in an orientation discussion soon:

When you select the "Forum" tab, choose "My Discussions," for a list of only the ones you've posted in. The right column will show you the last time a post was made to that discussion and who made it. If it's not you, then there's new stuff to read!

If you're in the "All Discussions" view, you may want to try changing the drop down menu on the right from "Categories," to "Discussions," so you can get the same sort of list. If sorted by latest activity, you should recognize the last comment you read when you get down to it. That's what I usually do. I start at the top and read the latest posts I'm interested in until something looks familiar and the time of the last post seems close to when I was last online.

Of course, your profile page will show your discussions in "Latest Activity," too and you can click through from there.

Right now, we're using the basic version of Ning, so we have no customization options. If the kommunity stays popular and blossoms the way we're hoping it will, there's a chance the guys will look at the premier service, which gets us a little more bang for our buck (and no google ads). But that is something they'll look at somewhere down the road. Meantime, I hope rolling with the limitations is okay with you!


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