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Those that have listened to/watched the lastest Ear Biscuit are aware that Links's daughter Lily is facing major medical procedures/surgery in the not too distant future. I immediately thought we, as a kommunity, could figure out a way to shower her with love through cards wishing her well. Use your imagination!

Brainstorming of other ideas is certainly welcome.

Let's Be our Mythical Best!

Instead of collecting the cards, if you would like, please send them to R&L's PO Box.

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I never thought you were poo-pooing on it. I can certainly understand the perspective you were presenting.

After musing it over, like I said Lily was a big part when they were starting out with their Kast's and since she makes appearances now and then. I completely agree about the gift idea as I'm not sure how Christy or Link would respond. 

Card's though I think are fantastic! However, my suggestion is perhaps that of an encouragement card for the WHOLE family. It's a family incident and I think an encouragement card is a good way to just let them know their in our thoughts (or prayers) while they go through this. Link can choose if he wants to take them home to share with his family. I think an important thing to remember is to give him breathing room and not overwhelm him so he can think clearly on what needs to be done for Lily as she prepares for this. 

I hate to throw everyone off track here. I was informed today by a close friend of the family that they are fine with boxes of items from Mythical Beasts, as well as cards etc. Something that was also mentioned was sending things for not only Lily, but little things to fill time for all ages, to comfort and occupy those that will be by her side.  Christy and the kids will probably be spending a lot of time at the hospital, so little things for all of them would be helpful.  I am sorry that it took so long to get this information on the discussion. I only got the message today.  If you want to continue with sending cards, that is great! They will also have no problem with small packages of things for her and her family if you feel moved to do that.

Thanks Jaime
All good things! I love the variety of options that bubbled up. She's a special girl who deserves all the positive thoughts and energy we can give to her and the whole family!

Again, thanks for starting this discussion so we all could brainstorm together.

Hey, all! There is now an official project to send donations in Lily's honor to The National Scoliosis Foundation (http://www.scoliosis.org/donate/). If you are interested and able to donate this month, please make sure you write "In honor of Lily Neal" in the box labeled "Employer" -- this is so the project leader, Ethan, can find out the total donated by Mythical Beasts later this month, after May 20.

Please read the full details at Ethan's blog: https://mythosethan.tumblr.com/post/160272770315/donations-to-the-n...

Final updates on the fundraiser: Ethan checked in with the National Scoliosis Foundation, and the total raised by Mythical Beasts in $1,063! Amazing! https://mythosethan.tumblr.com/post/160985899220/fundraiser-results

We were also able to get the news to Link: https://twitter.com/linklamont/status/867248014997549056

I'm late but I have to say that I cannot disagree with Casper more. And I am an adult.

As long as everyone doesn't bombard Link/Lily with cards and things, it's NOT weird at all. Groups and organizations send care packages all the time to hospitals/nursing homes.

So if everything is bundled up into a package with maybe ONE communal card written as "from R&L Kommunity," it's not strange and should actually be encouraged to do it this way. What would be weird is if different people send in stuff like "This is from Kayla" "This is from Katie" "This is from Ken". Like I said, organizations send baskets and packages to kids and adults/elderly all the time without the patient knowing them specifically.

So for me, it's sad to see this great thing derailed.

people might have said this already, but we could make a video collaboration like when the komm made one for the 1000 GMM episode. If we had someone (most likely a MOD) put it together and manage it, it might work. It could be just a collab of clips and messages to Lily from us. Who knows. Just an idea :)

Thanks for sharing those links! :) I don't normally hang out on Twitter, so I miss things that that...

No problem. You're welcome! 



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