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Those that have listened to/watched the lastest Ear Biscuit are aware that Links's daughter Lily is facing major medical procedures/surgery in the not too distant future. I immediately thought we, as a kommunity, could figure out a way to shower her with love through cards wishing her well. Use your imagination!

Brainstorming of other ideas is certainly welcome.

Let's Be our Mythical Best!

Instead of collecting the cards, if you would like, please send them to R&L's PO Box.

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This is really kind. I definitely want to send her a get well card. 

Is a month too much time? What would be a better timeframe? (Welcome to me overthinking this)
Link mentioned her surgery is scheduled for "early May." I imagine her recovery would take anywhere from a couple weeks to a month (although I'm hardly well versed in this) -- I think if you want any cards or items to reach her during her recovery timeframe, you might need to get things mailed fairly quickly.

Hi there! I'm new to the Kommunity but reached out to the Kommunity's Twitter for help starting the same idea and was sent over here. I would love to help in any way I can. I like the idea of sending one big package full of small items like the original post mentioned but I was also thinking it could be really neat to have an overload of mail sent to the R&L PO box (the one in the description in the videos) all addressed specifically to Lily Neal. That way they would know they are for her and I think it would get their attention as an outpouring of support. I love the idea of things that would occupy her in the hospital and make her recovery less scary! I think everyone is here because Link and Rhett have supported us in some way or another so I think if we can support Link, Christy, Lily and even Lincoln and Lando too, it might be something really special. 

I've added a deadline of May 15th. I've also reserved a PO Box to collect things on my end. I'll add those details when I can.
This is a really wonderful idea, I'd love to participate!
This sounds like a great idea! I'd like to add something to the care package (don't know what yet!?) and I will probably send something myself separately too. I agree that we need to give her all the love and support she needs at this challenging time.❤️

This is a great idea! Where are we going to be mailing our gifts/cards/well wishes? Also....what the heck do I draw? -_-

Hey guys, coming from the perspective of an adult, sending a package of several items to a 13 year old girl from a bunch of strangers (many of whom are adults) is a really weird idea.
We are strangers to her, we don't know her, and the fact that things will go through Link first doesn't really make it better because then he would need to deal with it. It could weird her out and it could also weird him out. Link put trust in us when he talked about what was going on we should think about the boundaries here and respect him and his family.

I get the idea but please if you really wanna let him know you care then send him a tweet, I'm sure he has all resources necessary to help his daughter.
A friend of mines suggested if you all really want to band together and do something then maybe create a webpage or something that says "Get Well Soon!" and have a guestbook available to sign, that way it's not invasive, it's efficient, and it doesn't mean Link and who ever manages the mail has a whole load of things to sort through because it's just one webpage.

If you really want to do something to help then donate to a scoliosis charity, it'll help fund research into the condition.

That's a good point - I hadn't thought about that.

I still kinda like the idea of sending a care package, since she's Link's daughter and she'd probably know that we're just mythical beasts trying to show we care... but she might also think it's super weird like you said. If it is too weird, the webpage idea sounds like a great alternative! :)

yeah!! I mean I'd like to think it isn't about getting noticed nor about making an impact, just about well wishes!

I can definitely see what Casper said. My first thought was also: Isn't it weird? Is this "too much" coming from strangers to her? But then I re-thought: After all she knows we exist. "We" as in the Mythical Beasts, not individuals of course. I bet she knows that we know and she knows we care about RandL and their lifes. I guess if we expressed our wishes towards the whole family (including Link) instead of "just" her it might be better. I also would rather send cards and just thoughts and wishes instead of items, cause I also think that that would be "too much". But I don't see a problem with writing cards headed towards them ALL. As I said, she knows "we" exist so while we individually are strangers the Mythical Beasts as a fandom are known to her. Also the way I see it Link would be moved by it if we all wrote cards instead of being weirded out but that is my perspective only.



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