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Those that have listened to/watched the lastest Ear Biscuit are aware that Links's daughter Lily is facing major medical procedures/surgery in the not too distant future. I immediately thought we, as a kommunity, could figure out a way to shower her with love through cards wishing her well. Use your imagination!

Brainstorming of other ideas is certainly welcome.

Let's Be our Mythical Best!

Instead of collecting the cards, if you would like, please send them to R&L's PO Box.

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Oh my gosh, this is so saddening to hear...I wish I could help :( All I can do is pray for Lily in hopes she gets better... <3

The procedure is in early May.  Are you thinking of having Beasts ship things to you with "Get Well" cards, for instance and you package them up and send them as one Kommunity gift to her?

I shared to twitter to get more folks involved. Thanks for getting the discussion started.

Yes. sort of based on my experience when a young friend of mine was in the hospital dealing with a new diabetes diagnosis, I sent her a small bag with crayons, a coloring book, water color paint-by-numbers, a balloon all found at my local dollar store. It wasn't much, so she wouldn't be bored in the hospital, but was filled with love.
I don't know how to go about giving out my address. We could set a deadline of May 24 (one month). I can send it. It sounded like the recovery would be long. So if we aim for the end of the month it would still be appropriate and appreciated.

How are the birthday gifts usually sent? Directly to their POBox?

What about giving out a different address you can use, we send them there and you pick them up and bundle them again? a privately owned business perhaps.

Yes, The Kommunity bday gifts are sent to the MythEnt PO Box, labeled as a Kommunity project as to not get looked over. Would you including cards as well as little things to keep her occupied during recovery, or creating a list of names of people that contribute.  A temporary PO Box, might work well. That would keep your privacy.

Yes, cards, art, etc.

This is an amazing idea, it will not only encourage Lily, but also show her that everyone who watch the show, hear the podcasts are more than just fans of her dad...we care for her just as much.

Love the idea! Do you think we should just send them to Rhett and Link's PO box and just direct it to Link to give to Lily?

We could just take the load off of Beckerlynn as far as reboxing and shipping all of the items and just send them directly to MythEnt, from each of us... But it would be more impactful to be sent as one large item from the Kommunity.

That does sound like a better idea. Whatever Beckerlynn wants to do is cool with me! I am planning on sending an adult coloring book and some pens (probably to MythEnt as of right now) I will wait to see what everyone wants to do. Maybe would could just direct the packages to Link to give to Lily and add on there "from the Kommunity"

are we all going to send it to one MB, + they'll send it to them, or will we just send it to rhett and link's PO box?



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